Friday, December 19, 2014

December 25, 2014 = Dad's 60th Birthday (12/19/14)

Hello Folks...

This coming Christmas Day will be my 60th birthday. My wife, Julie, wanted to celebrate not only my birthday, but also my retirement that was 8 years ago... LOL! So, this week, we traveled north to Lititz, Pa. and Keller Bros. Ford to check out the brand new 2015 Mustangs.

The first Mustang that I test drove off the lot was the 2.3 L Eco-Boost Mustang... Although it had great pick up and go, it just wasn't the muscle car I was desiring. The second Mustang that I test drove was the winner... A 5.0 GT Mustang "50th Anniversary Edition", premium package. Now for us to be in the ballpark we had to make sure that we were going to get a good, no... great deal with the trade-in of our 2014 Escape Eco-Boost... And we did!

We worked out the finance and got the car through PNC at 2.4% which is much better than the 2.9% being offered by Ford Leasing. We took out loan out for 63 months and added the available TST package. TST is added protection to the exterior and interior of the vehicle. There is no need to wax this Teflon surface placed on my new Mustang.

The leather interior also had the TST package added... Beautiful!

Take a look at my Competition Orange 2015 5.0 GT Mustang "50th Anniversary Edition"...

 photo b4e9a105-806b-4965-959e-3b90beac2b29_zpscb0c3387.jpg

 photo e08c8317-ae41-4f46-86e0-9e125b20b136_zps8e18d8ea.jpg

Pretty Cool, huh?

I now have several things that need to be taken care over the next few weeks. Keller Bros. is checking into the "50th Anniversary Edition" floor mats that were indicated on the "Sticker". Our passenger back LED lights were not working correctly. And the glove compartment had a clip missing that held it snugly in place. Nothing seriously wrong, but things that need to be taken care of on a new vehicle... Of course.

Another nice thing that will be happening within the next month, January 2015, is that I will be assisting the development of a new Lancaster Judo Club at Formula Fitness in Lancaster, Pa. A fellow Judoka, Joel Bragg, contacted me last month and asked if I would be willing to help them start up the club and I said, "Yes!" So, stay tune for some great pics from the judo club in the near future.

Keep in mind, that authorities are still searching for a 17 year old male who went hunting out of Market Street Launch, New Cumberland. They found several items, but not the missing hunter/boater. He ventured out in a canoe... Please say a prayer for his family as they continue to search for their loved one.

Take Care and Be Safe!