Sunday, November 30, 2014

Post-Thanksgiving Fishing with Josh and "Squirrel" (11/30/2014)

Hello Folks,

Josh Kreider and his buddy, "Squirrel", were able to hit the Susquehanna River below the Harrisburg, Pa. area once again after Thanksgiving Day 2014... They fished both Friday, November 28 and Saturday, November 29, 2014... and boy was it cold.

Josh sent me a pic from Saturday of his rod guides that were frozen. Check this out... Time to break out the silcone!

 photo cd196dc9-146d-4738-b68b-b304a8c82cc5_zps6aa6337e.jpg

Josh reported that both days were cold and windy. The water temperature was running between 39 and 40 degrees. The river depth at the NOAA gauge in Harrisburg, Pa. read 4.1' on both days. The river level did come up today to 4.2'... There most likely is snow melt running into the river causing this slight rise (1.2").

The two bigger fish came on Friday, November 28...

"Squirrel's" - 20.25"
 photo 1049fb54-b620-4320-a750-a0eb88d8ec50_zps0f3fb425.jpg

"Squirrel's" - 18"
 photo 9a1f4c9a-42d2-4e90-8b49-a3d5996c9059_zpsde398a8e.jpg

"This hefty 17.75" smallmouth was caught on Saturday, November 29th"
 photo 47aac2b3-ee32-47e7-8b50-ec2accd1f3d1_zps2d483c43.jpg

Josh Kreider brought this beautiful smallie into the boat while tossing a "Silver Buddy"
 photo fa0d154b-280b-4f8b-881e-21c728bf4e08_zps2e19c8ba.jpg

It's always hard to leave the river on such beautiful days... The clouds were barely covering the Fall sundown.
 photo 7b682bf7-8da1-4e8d-93dc-d059355f70fc_zpsc4116f4a.jpg

Thank you Josh Kreider and "Squirrel" for adding yet another great report to "Fishing With Dad". It looks like "Squirrel" has been introduced to the beauty of fishing cold water on the Susquehanna River... Good job, guys!

Take Care and Be Safe!