Friday, September 19, 2014

Thoughts.... 09/19/2014

Hello Folks,

July 17, 1998... Over the past six years I've been writing and recording blog entries here at "Fishing With Dad". Many things have happened in my life both on the water and off since 1998. In that time period, I have become a grandfather two times over and those two times have been a joy.

I am never sure if anyone is following my blog or not. Back in 1998, I wanted to "share"  my adventures and pictures with the public and yet, I have no idea whether anyone is actually reading the entries unless I go to fishing websites and "ask" others to come and read what I have written.

So, unless I receive indication that anyone is actually following my entries, this one will most likely be my last one until, if ever, I decide to post again. I've enjoyed the process of sharing my fishing adventures, but I've often been frustrated when I get no response that anyone is actually enjoying my entries. I have this crazy  feeling that people only stumble upon my blog by mistake or when they are searching the words "Smallmouth Bass" on the internet... Following and Stumbling are definitely two different things... LOL!

To those who have enjoyed reading my entries, "Thank you and God Bless". It has been for you that I have taken hundreds of hours downloading, cropping, and editing pictures. It has been for you that I have written and edited my writings to make sense. :)

I had a rude awakening today when I visited the ENT doctor. I've been having a muffled sound under and slightly behind my left ear. Although I have some hearing loss in the left ear at higher frequency, he does not believe that that would be a reason for what I have been experiencing. In fact, it sounds somewhat like I have water in my ear. But my family doctor has done everything possible to remove anything that would be on the external side of my eardrum... ear drops and steroid pills. The ENT told me that would be the one thing he would do. But since I've already gone through that process, there is no need. The next step is to have a MRI of my head done to make sure that I do not have a tumor. "Hummm..." The word tumor makes you sit up rather abruptly and take notice. If it's not a tumor, which it most likely isn't, then it will be something that, asI age, I will just need to get accustomed to.

He didn't think that my hearing loss would be severe enough to require a hearing aide. So, my next step will be to have the MRI performed after checking in with Medicare and seeing if I need a referral for payment. Afterward, I will have it done and he will decide what will be done

God bless to all who have taken the time to read and enjoy the "Fishing With Dad" 610 entries and pictures over the past six years.

... and finally...

Take Care and Be Safe,