Friday, October 3, 2014

Josh Kreider... Four and More! 10/03/14

Hello Folks,

My good buddy and fishing partner, Josh Kreider, has been learning how to fish for "Flathead" catfish on the Susquehanna River with his friend, DG. So this past Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Josh and DG hit the Susquehanna River just outside of the Falmouth Launch and caught a 7 lber, 15 lber, and a 28 lber... Bait were sunfish.

Check out the 28 lb Flathead that Josh pulled into the boat on early Thursday morning around 2:00 a.m.

 photo a853ae04-4e69-40ae-ad20-c33afe91748e_zps0fa5cf14.jpg

On Thursday, Josh was able to hit the main stem of the Susquehanna River below Harrisburg, Pa. with Steve Halbleib and Steve landed a hefty 20.5" smallmouth bass. Fantastic job, Steve iFish!

 photo 5dce4699-17cf-46de-9d25-d0b908d33e53_zpsacaf58e1.jpg

And today, Friday, October 03, 2014, I met up with Josh at his home at 6:00 a.m. and we ran to the Mt. Joy Family Restaurant for an early breakfast before hitting the same location that he and Steve fished the day before...  I think Josh needed the coffee he got this morning to arouse his senses and get him started after the past three days of fishing. He said that his eyes were sore last night... No wonder. They dilate for hours while fishing at nighttime.

It was very foggy this morning when I arrived at Josh's home, but it started to lift by the time we drove to the ramp. The skies were extremely overcast throughout the day and we only saw the sun appear several times during our outing. There were only two other boats on the river and when we returned to the launch, we were the only boat there!

It was a torturous day fishing. Between the two of us, we only landed five smallmouth bass with the biggest going just above 18". It certainly was a skinny looking bass at that. This bass came off a spinnerbait when we had one of the several sun exposures...

 photo 3479708d-e7d8-414d-9d5f-d8685cfb696f_zps7dbfc536.jpg

Today's morning air temperature was only 53 degrees. In order to stay warm during our morning run, I wore my goggles, winter cap, and gloves. That did the trick. The temperature did rise to 72 degrees by the time we finished fishing at 1:30 p.m.

I was unable to get an accurate water temperature reading today. On his trip yesterday, Josh snapped his trolling motor transducer and today, it fell off... AGAIN! I believe that Josh has lost approximately four transducers over the past three years while fishing with me in very shallow water conditions. Well, today it happened again. As soon as he put his trolling motor down into the river, we heard a "CLICK, CLICK, CLICK..." noise. He pulled the trolling motor up and out of the water and noticed that the transducer was COMPLETELY GONE!

The river is running at 3.1 feet which is very low for this time of year. There is rain expected tonight and into tomorrow (most of the day) that will raise the river to an projected 3.3'. Each 1/10 equals 1.2" of a rise. So, we should be seeing a 2.4" rise over the next two days... WOW!

That will be just enough water to hit the river again below Harrisburg... LOL!

Take Care and Be Safe