Monday, September 15, 2014

Fishing In The Rain With Josh Kreider... 09/13/14

Hello Folks,

What a wonderful day for a duck... it rain from the time we arrived and launched from the ramp (7:30 a.m.) until we came back to the ramp and called it a day (11:30 a.m.). I guess it wasn't such a good day for ducks since we saw duck hunters out hunting. In fact, we saw a couple of hunters get hung up on the river today. Take note to how shallow the water is where the boat is sitting. They had to get out of their jet rig several times and push themselves into deeper water...

 photo a5e0bf76-fa7e-44b8-8b93-560a9c8478a1_zps0e4783ff.jpg

 photo 18ef0b82-c88f-463b-9ce4-abfa10f8ca40_zps38ce4e90.jpg

We were too far away to help direct them to the chute that they needed to take. But eventually, they made it to deeper water and ran back passed us and north towards New Cumberland.

I stayed on a tube bite all day in the 68 degree water. I knew by being out last week with Steve that a jig bite was the "on " bite. Josh tried several lures... spinnerbait, fluke, and tubes. The tubes out performed the others... We ended the day with 30+ smallmouth bass.

Saturday was one of the best "rainy fishing days" in a long, long time. It poured several times and the fish kept biting... The biggest smallie we caught was Josh's 20 inch...

 photo aa00a3ac-c0c0-48c8-8c22-ede909a96560_zpscbdb41ec.jpg

This bass was a little over 17" smallie...

 photo 48f256b8-587c-4e21-b8b7-d73cd3b5ae79_zps54f57be8.jpg

We had a spot that we referred to as the "Fun Pack" spot... each time we got to it on the drift, we caught 5 to 6 bass. We even had a "double" at one point. The first we've had in quite some time... Okay, size doesn't matter when it comes to "Doubles!"

 photo c5f7b99d-014d-47a2-8d85-fd4ff1f45b29_zps7d75061d.jpg

As we drifted over a shallow ripple, I tossed a green pumpkin/orange flake tube as far from the boat as possible and this monster catfish took it... The fight was on. The cattie ran down river and behind the boat pulling drag the entire time. It eventually turned and started to go up river. That's when Josh got back on the trolling motor and we chased that "sucker" or should I say, "Cattie", down. It was at this point that the fight turned and I knew we would finally get her into the boat...

 photo 9ec1af0c-0c21-4e38-aa40-1c6687791921_zps52203d65.jpg

 photo bb3f2a06-eb0b-4839-b8b5-6087afdb2353_zps5cc4d9e2.jpg

We decided we had enough of the rain around 11:30 a.m. So we waited until the rain died off before running back to the launch. There's nothing like getting pelted in the face with rain drops as you're running 25 mph downriver. We trailered the boat, ran to the Middletown Hardees for lunch, and then took a short drive to the Bass Pro Shop in Harrisburg, Pa.

Josh was interested in replacing a Quantum Energy Reel that broke during the trip and to also pick up some new rain gear that actually protect him from getting wet during a rain storm. His old rain gear was no longer keeping the moisture from passing through and onto his clothing.... It was time.

Josh and Steve took a trip back to this same spot today... Notice it was a bright sunny day outside... and caught close to 20+ smallmouth. Josh sent me several pictures to share with us in this entry...

 photo de823621-b51c-4775-940d-d2bb10287ef8_zps6e06d035.jpg

 photo 2787c4eb-fdb1-433a-a585-d0d776941dd3_zps01653fb7.jpg

 photo 91f0f481-4e87-411d-b6aa-a3de86da6cd2_zpse9c1a791.jpg

 photo 3e659a59-786e-47a6-9083-c2f519b5da69_zpse96cb402.jpg

As you can tell from a couple of the pics above, the fluke was a good bite today for Josh and Steve... Thanks to Josh for sending me the pics he took of Steve today while out on their fishing adventure.

The last two pictures that Josh shared were two 18 inchers... Good job, guys!

 photo 42f1966e-793e-477e-ae46-3e58a1e0f91b_zpsc44ff756.jpg

 photo 13f241c0-5eb3-43d5-9b68-a909804f782c_zpsa0ad15c9.jpg

Take Care and Be Safe!