Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lake Aldred, Susquehanna River... Solo Trip, 09/10/14

Hello Folks... 
I was able to get a couple of hours on the river this afternoon. Before launching from the Pequea Boat Launch, I ran into a local angler who I had spoken with last year. He was heading home and I was heading out to fish. We were the only two in the parking lot... The river was very quiet with a slight southerly breeze blowing and I only saw one kayaker in and among the rock garden.
I first headed north to the Safe Harbor Dam where I picked up my first of several fish of the afternoon. The air temperature was only 77 degrees and the water temperature was a cool 74 degrees. There was good clarity and the Safe Harbor Dam was generating from three turbines... It gave the water that green "Pequea Stain".

The Safe Harbor Dam reported the water level at 169' by noon. At 169.8' the river water will flow over the flashboards at the Holtwood Dam. So, it wasn't quite at that level when I arrived, but high enough that I could travel most anywhere I wanted.

After several minutes fishing just below the dam, I decided to head into the rock garden. Within minutes, I got my 3/8th oz. Big O hung on the bottom. I couldn't tell whether it was hung on someone else's line or submerged wood. The lure was pulling slightly, but would not come free. It had that spongy feel to it that usually indicates that it is stuck on wood. After trying awhile to get it free, I came off the bow to get my lure retrieval pole. Wouldn't you know it... By the time I got back on the deck, the BPS 14 lb. fishing line had gotten wrapped on my TM motor and blades.

I settled behind a rock ledge and removed my TM blade to cut the wrapped line. It used to be such an easy task years back before my replacement surgeries. But I took my time and everything worked out well. I did, however, lose my used Big O, but that was going to most likely happen anyway.

The clouds moved in heavily around 1:30 p.m.and I thought showers may soon arrive. So I decided to call it a day after a couple of hours.

I caught fish today on my Cotton Cordell Big Spot with chrome body and black back and also on the Big O in Firetiger color.

No pics today because of the heavy current being generated by Safe Harbor Dam made it too hard for me to settle in safely for a good pic.

Take Care and Be Safe!