Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SFT Cabin Fever Sale on Saturday - March 15, 2014 (03/18/14)

Hello Folks,

Things are going quite well at my PT sessions for my left revised knee although there are several spots on both of my legs that have not been used for a long time. Spots that I haven't demanded much use in for well over three years. I actually used to ride in a "Spin Cycle" class before I had my knee replaced. These were 45 minute classes of high intensity stationary bicycle riding at "Formula Fitness" in Lancaster, Pa. But my left leg has atrophied to a point that it is actually several inches smaller in diameter than my right leg. These weakness makes it difficult for me to complete the entire bicycle exercise routine that my PT expects from me.

I have been using the "Ortho Bicycle" now for 32 minute sessions and my therapist sets the bike up to the point where I must stretch my leg to maximum. That in itself is very extremely difficult on my legs.

This past Saturday, March 15, 2014, I was able to attend another Susquehanna Fishing Tackle's (SFT) Cabin Fever Sale seminar session with B.A.S.S. Pro Pete Gluszek and local bass and flathead guide, Dave Shindler.

Pete highlighted the "Z-Man Original Chatter Bait". His emphasis was on throwing the "chatterbait" into shallow waters where there may be high volumes of fishing traffic. Pete mentioned that most professionals own several chatterbaits (Best Kept Secret) and suggested the 3/8th oz and the 1/4 oz (shallow water situations).

Pete Gluszek Preparing for Seminar
 photo 69b05980-2a80-4966-a3a4-9ac335a37bb7_zps9496e052.jpg

Pete Gluszek Discussing the "Z-Man's Original Chatterbait"
  photo 6a21f66b-a3cb-418d-a150-d63ea9f8e529_zps83f715c7.jpg

Pete has a young son at home who is now getting involved in fishing. He said that they often fish along the edges of local ponds so his son can also play when he gets "tired" of fishing with dad. In the picture above, you can see that Pete brought his son's "Spiderman Tackle Box" with him to the seminar. :)

Pete wraps his Basscat bass boat in his sponsors' names and uses the color orange... As you can see here, Pete has found some "wild kicks" to go along with his current bass boat color scheme. Julie told him that there are new Nike socks that have recently come on the market to "compliment" these wild colors of sneakers now being produced. They would go well with "Pete's Sneaks"...

Pete's "Wild Orange Kicks"
   photo 7f346fa9-1410-463f-aed6-e0b7921b3c59_zps4761b9ab.jpg

In the past, Julie and I have attended Dave Shindler seminars when he had discussed his guiding trips on the Susquehanna River for smallmouth bass. But this past Saturday, we had a treat listening to Dave speak about guiding for "Flathead Catfish". I have caught flathead catties by accident while I was fishing for smallmouth bass. But today, I was going to learn the "ins-and-outs" of true flathead catfish angling!

Dave uses rods and reels set up for saltwater tuna fishing. They are very sturdy combos. In fact, the rod states that it is a medium-lite rod, but not the ML that we would use for smallmouth or largemouth bass fishing. No... These rods are much more stronger!

Baitcaster and Spinning Reel That Dave Uses for Flathead Catfish Angling
 photo e6c8d19a-543a-4d47-9d87-cf2da1e716eb_zpse9dcc530.jpg

Dave rigs the above reels with 80 lb braided line and then adds a 65 lbs flourocarbon leader attached to a heavy duty swivel. The hooks are Size 6 kahle style that are tied with a Snell knot. The weights are flat so as not to get hung up as often. He has used rounded weights, but soon learned to take a hammer to them to flatten them. The Susquehanna River will "eat" rounded weights rather quickly.

Dave Shindler Discussing Flatead Riggings
 photo e6a68ad5-0058-4fd8-8b4c-c6b3387fb5b3_zps39fb3b0b.jpg

Dave Shindler Fields Questions From The Audience
 photo eab8f048-6ca7-4d7d-8ecf-dbc33ded7ae8_zps377d1d3c.jpg

I know that Julie often gets bored after sitting and listening to "fishing talk". I caught her watching from the sidelines as Dave Shindler discussed flathead angling... "Hello, Julie!"
 photo fb1c710c-9b9b-4ffa-a2b2-80917e6d7cb1_zps64d4da93.jpg

I always try to sit a front row seat so I can see and hear what the speakers are saying.

"Yes, there were others in attendance" as I took a quick "Selfie" (Boy, I look serious)... LOL!
 photo 51e56d4a-3895-4e4e-9b30-b509a0648963_zps2e3f3c77.jpg

I would like to thank SFT for bringing quality seminars to the Lancaster, Pa. area. I encourage all anglers to support their local "Ma and Pa Fishing Tackle Shops". These folks account for close to 60% of all retail reel sales in the USA.

So, get to know your local tackle store owners. You will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of information you can gather in just one short visit!

Take Care and Be Safe!