Thursday, March 20, 2014

G3 1860 DLX 115/80 Yamaha 4 Stroke Yearly Check Up (03/20/14)

Hello Folks,

Well, Spring 2014 has finally arrived! Farewell and good riddance to the Winter of 2013. We had a major cold front with rain come through yesterday and early this morning. As the front passed by this morning, clouds and wind moved in. I was thinking about going fishing after my boat's yearly maintenance was finished, but we had 15 to 20 mph winds kick up by 8:00 a.m. That squashed my plans real fast!

The traffic was very heavy going into Harrisburg, Pa. this morning as I was heading to Lakeside Marine. I got to talk with JC Nuss once I reached the shop. I haven't seen him since Fall of 2013 and we had a lot to catch up on.

While my boat was in maintenance, I headed over to the Bass Pro Shop to spend my Christmas gift certificate. I picked up a large spool of Excel 14 lb green vis and a large spool of Excel 10 lb green vis. Those alone ran about $26 a piece... Nothing is cheap anymore!

I also grabbed a Z-man Chatterbait with a white skirt and a pack of white Strike King Swimin' Shads to use as a trailer with the Chatterbait.

The last thing I picked up was a pack of rod wraps for when I go out fishing with a buddy. My older rod wraps are starting to age and the protective rubber wrap is ripping.

I noticed that they had the SavePhace protective masks in plain white and black on sale for $39. The mask comes with a free carrying bag. That's a great price for these. I wanted to see if I could pick up a carrying bag for my mask, but they didn't sell them separately.

While shopping at BPS, I got a call from Barb Nuss. She said that all three of my TM batteries were showing that they weren't holding a charge... Great! It has been five years since I last bought a set of batteries. So, I made the decision to buy the Pro Model of the batteries that comes with an 18 month replacement warranty, no pro-rated warranty. They ran about $134 per battery/ $404.85 total with tax.

The regular maintenance included the oil changed and the water separator filter replaced.

I also asked them to go over my trailer. The wheel bearings were making noise and there was water in them. Both sets of bearings were replaced with seals and repacked with greased. I'm good for another year of boating!

The bill ran me $738.77. Not bad overall for three new "Heavy Duty" batteries and the maintenance items and service for my 115/80 Yamaha Jet and trailer.

I now need to check my battery fuses to make sure that the charger is getting a signal. I have only two lights lit out of four on my charger. I hope everything is okay with this one because it is a four bank charger. I was under the understanding that since the one battery wasn't charging at 100% that the lights on the charger may not light up. Well, I called Lakeside and they told me to check the fuses to be sure they weren't loose... Okay, here goes...

Tale Care and Be Safe!