Friday, March 14, 2014

The Story Behind "Sexy Shad" by Strike King Lure Company (03/14/14)

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We celebrate "Pi Day" today or in other words, 3.14.14 (March 14, 2014). St. Patty's Day will be arriving on Monday... March 17, 2014.

Erin go Bragh... "Ireland Forever!"

Tomorrow morning (Saturday, March 15, 2014) at 11:00 a.m., Pete Gluszek, professional B.A.S.S. Angler, will be doing a seminar at SFT:

"The Bass University Dean will be in the house all day teaching the secrets of the pros to catch more fish! Come ask questions and get answers that will make a difference in your fishing. Pete has been fishing the professional trails for 25 years and has fished the FLW cup and the Bassmasters Classic. He has won many tour events and is always on the cutting edge of the latest technique!" (Reprint from SFT Website)

And at 1:00 p.m., our local  guide and fishing buddy, Dave Shindler, will be presenting a seminar on catfish angling on the river. Don't miss all the tricks Dave can show on how to hook up on a giant Flathead!

These will be two very good seminars. So if you can find the time tomorrow morning, head on over to Susquehanna Fishing Tackle to catch a couple of great fishing seminars. It is also the last day of SFT's "Cabin Fever Sale". Catch all the sales on your favorite gear and tackle for the upcoming fishing season.

On this past Wednesday evening, I caught a fantastic seminar presented by lure designer, Crispin Powley, from the Strike King Lure Company. Crispin told several great stories associated with different lures and colors that were made by his design team. The most famous color presented by Strike King has been KVD's "Sexy Shad"!

Crispin Powley at SFT
 photo 440fd7f5-4844-4d63-8977-0616c204131e_zpsa9d2b09b.jpg

Each year, the 27 member team lead by Crispin reviews lure colors for the upcoming year. All new colors are rated and some make the cut and many do not. The ones that are "culled" from the winning colors are placed in a box and put on Crispin's office desk.

One day, Crispin came into work to see the "Cull Colors" box sitting on his work desk. Kevin VanDam happened to be in the Strike King office and asked Crispin if he could take that "Culled Colors" box with him. Crispin told him to go ahead, but he warned him that these were the colors that didn't make the grade.

A few weeks later, KVD called Crispin and asked him if he was ready to produce a new color for him. Crispin asked Kevin what was the name of the color crankbait he was using that had just won the past week's torunament and Kevin told him he wasn't really sure what the color was called. Crispin responded by saying, "Then how do I know what to color the lures?" Kevin explained that the color was among those that were cut by Crispin's 27 member lure design team. It just goes to show that even the professional can be wrong... LOL!

Of course, major dealers, Like Bass Pro Shops, started to call Crispin and asked him to take orders for this new color that KVD had won the tournament with... That color became "Sexy Shad!"

And now you know the rest of the story...

It's always fun hearing the lowdown on such a story straight from the horse's mouth...

I definitely appreciate all of your visits here at "Fishing With Dad"! :)

Keep an eye out this coming April, 2014 for Josh (smallieman) Kreider and Dad's fishing adventure to the North Branch of the Susquehanna River. It's been over three years since we went seeking smallmouth bass on the North Branch... I'm starting to get stoked!

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