Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Our Second Snowstorm of 2014 (01/22/14)

Hello Folks,

On January 18, 2014, my sons and I threw a "Surprise 60th Birthday Party" for my beautiful wife, Julie. She was a bit suspicious that we were going to do this because ten years ago we held a surprise party for her 50th birthday. But her actual birthday date was on January 17 and when that date passed by, she wasn't sure anymore. In fact, my sons and I wished her a happy birthday on the 17th, took her out to a movie and dinner, and gave her several gifts. This really threw her off.

So when Saturday, January 18th, rolled around, I took her to an afternoon movie and headed home around 6:30 p.m. When we arrived at home, the driveway was completely empty. I found out later that everyone parked across the way at our neighbors home... LOL! That even had me fooled!

It was a fantastic party and Julie was in tears of joy. There were family, friends, and neighbors all gathered in our humble home. When we walked though the front door, they all let out a scream, "Happy Birthday!" That's when Julie started to tear up... I think I even had a tear or two. :) What a great evening with food, cake, and presents... A BIG "Thank You!" to all who were in attendance on a cold wintry night in January 2014.

"We love you, Julie!"

Well, the snow began falling yesterday morning and didn't end until after dark. We had well over 8" of snow before all was said and done. Julie and Zach had shoveled about four times throughout the day to keep up with the piling snow on the driveway and walkway.

It was a very beautiful snow fall. It was so cold outside (-15 degree wind chill) last night that the snow remained light and fluffy. The wind kicked up throughout the night and there was some drifting which caused the schools to be closed for a second day in a row. The children were out of school on Monday for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and then the last two days for snow cancellations... A mini-vacation of five days in a row!

There has been quite a number of school cancellation days that the districts are now tacking days onto the end of he school year. I always hated losing our built in vacation days, especially those in the Spring. I love to fish for Springtime smallies and when we had to go in to work for make-up days, it took me away from something I just loved to do. But now that I am retired, those days are in the past and I can basically fish whenever I choose... Except for these dang surgeries! :(

My back surgery is doing well and healing nicely. I had my "six week follow-up visit" this past week. The x-rays looked very good and the PA sent me on my way with a positive report.

I have recently received orders for the follow-up blood tests from my new hip surgeon, Dr. Renz of LOG (Lancaster Orthopedic Group), to determine if my hip is infected. I also have blood test orders from my liver specialist, Dr. Maheshwari, in Baltimore, Md. I will take both sets of orders over to the the LGH outpatient facility here in Willow Street, Pa. I don't see Dr. Renz (hip specialist) until February 12th. So, I'll probably have his tests done a week before (~ February 5) my appointment.

Try to stay warm during this extremely cold spell... Polar Vortex "Split-off". The weather reports are calling for even more snow this coming weekend.

This Friday and Saturday is the Susquehanna Fishing Tackle's "Bass Fest". There will be bass fishing seminars presented by several bass fishing pros both days. Those locals who read "Fishing With Dad" should make an effort to sit in on a couple of these informative seminars...

Take Care and Be Safe!