Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Taking Care of Family (01/28/14)

Hello Folks,
This past week was "Take Care of Grammy" week. Not only did Julie turn 60 this month, but she also had her first root canal... Ugh!

She's been having problems with a particular tooth since June, 2013. Yep, that's been over 6 months! There's been trips to the dentist, ENT (Ears, Nose, & Throat), and orthodontist, but none put together  2 + 2 to diagnose her tooth problem.

Last week, our family dentist determined that Julie's tooth's root was dead and the bone was receeded... Time to go back to the specialist for the root canal.

It took 45 minutes to complete with very little, if any, pain associated with the care given by Dr. Fred Levin. Tomorrow, she'll head bacjk in to get a crown placed on the tooth... Her first crown ever!

We also had Grammy scare this past week that required Julie to seek out an ultrasound yesterday at the Lancaster Regional Medical Center. She had noticed a "lump" on the left side of her belly. The family doc thought it may be a hernia that developed after her three C-sections and partial hysterectomy. As we age, our abs tend to weaken due to surgical procedures and age.

The ultrasound came out clean and we do not have to fear of anything worse.. i.e Ovarian Cancer, etc. Thank God she is okay.

I cannot imagine not having Julie in our lives. She does so much for our family and helps me on a daily basis as I've recovered from so many, many surgeries. I know my life would be totally flipped upside down without her love and care! She's definitely the glue that holds our family together.

We love you, Julie... Wife, Mom, and Our Granddaughters "Grammy"!

Take Care and Be Safe,

p.s. Although I was unable to attend the SFT's first  "Bass Fest" this past weekend, I understand that it was a big success and plans are being made to make it an annual event. Congratulations to SFT and staff!