Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy 60th Birthday to Julie (01/17/2014)

Hello Folks,
It was 1973 when I first me my beautiful wife, Julie. We were both students at Millersville State College (MU) in Lancaster County, Pa. Julie was studying two majors... German and Spanish Education... and I was a struggling Bio. Med-Tech major. Julie was a sorority sister who commuted to college from Manheim, Pa. and I was commuting from my parent's Lancaster Twp. home and pledging a college fraternity. We both ate at the SMAC each day and I knew a couple of her sorority sisters.
One weemend, we were both at a college party and I asked her to dance with me. Of course, she said "No" because she already was dating another college student. Well, not taking "No" for an answer, I tooke her by the hand and led her onto the dance floor... The rest is history.
I have now known Julie for slightly over 40 years. We've had three children and one adopted son. We lost our daughter, Amanda, in 1982 due to a malformed left ventricle. It was a devastating life experience that showed the strength of our love for one another. Just like all married couples we've had our ups and downs throughout life, but nothing we couldn't deal with and get by.
So, today, Julie turns 60 years "Young"... She will always be that beautiful 19 year old who I met in college with 41 years of fantastic life experiences!
I love you, Julie... Happy Birthday!

On January 24 & 25, 2014, Susquehanna Fishing Tackle (SFT) will be having their new Winter "Bass Fest"... At their new shop location just off of Columbia Avenue. I encourage all local bass anglers to take a moment and check out the festivities coming along next weekend... See the website below.

Take Care and Be Safe!

p.s. Take a moment and let me know what you received this past Christmas Holiday that adds to your bass tackle and gear. Leave a message in the "Comment" section. I'd love to hear from you.