Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"Happy New Year's Day 2014!" (01/01/2014)

Hello Folks,

From my family to yours, "Happy New Year's Day!"

I would like to thank each and every one of you who have been following me on "Fishing With Dad". Some of you have just started to follow and have a ton of blog entries to catch up on. While others have been following me since the beginning of my "labor of love" - Writing about fishing for bass and life as a Dad. No matter whether you just started or have been with me for years, I consider each and everyone of you worthwhile and important to me and the success of what I have set to do.

This is as good a time as any to reach inside and find the love that you have and toss away the anger and hatred into the trash with the old Christmas present wrappings.

Just this past week, a good friend of mind clued me into a derogatory comment made on Facebook by an old friend of mine who has parted ways. I told this person years ago that I will never degrade him on a public forum and I have stuck to my word. But the anger and hatred he has continues to boil over into post and comments that he makes about others. I pray that he finds solace of heart this coming year. I hold no malice towards him.

What a rough year this has been for me as an angler. Back in February 2013, I had a revision surgery on my left replacement knee and despite the ability to bend and extend it a bit more, it still isn't been working well. The knee still swells and aches each day. It has now been close to two years since I had the original surgery. Please do not assume that all knee replacements go as wrong as mine. In fact, most are very successful. My issues fall onto problems my body has in healing. I tend to develop adhesions quickly and they are the real culprits.

And then on December 3, 2013, I had a spinal fusion with removal of bone spurs (L5/S1). I am still in recovery from that surgery. The bone graft will take about 3 months to complete and up to a year to be back on track. I am hoping to be able to fish by late Winter or early Spring!

In fact, Josh just asked me if I wanted to make a road trip to the North Branch of the Susquehanna River in April. I will set that trip as a goal in my overall recovery.

I have been on the pain medication for well over two years. I have just completed weening myself from my spinal fusion medications. I will, once again, be approaching Dr. Mastropietro to discuss getting off the medicine I have become dependent on.

Well, folks, the family will soon be here for a traditional old-fashion Pennsylvania New Year's Day "Pork and Sauerkraut" dinner... Good Luck

I hope you have a fantastic day... Sit back and watch the Rose Bowl or Mummer's Parades and catch a few football bowl games!

Happy New Year's Day!

Be Careful and Stay Safe!