Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another Day Lake Aldred (Susquehanna River) With Zach (10/03/13)

Hello Folks,

I had another enjoyable day (10/03/13) on Lake Aldred (Susquehanna River) with my son, Zach. We launched at the PPL Pequea Boat Launch around noon and fished until 3:30 p.m. I know that it may not be the best time of day to be fishing, but the time suits the two of our schedules.

PFBC Shad Restoration Count 2013

The water near the Safe Harbor Fish Ladder was extremely low once again, but not quite as low as our last fishing adventure...

 photo c122fe6c-1c06-4761-8ad6-b8da59b62227_zps90eb5a3b.jpg

The larger rock on the left is usually the only boulder exposed during normal recreational levels. This area is an extended pic of the picture above. The seven Safe Harbor turbines are situated in the building to the left and on the other side of the fish ladder are the "flood gates" that are only opened to relieve upriver pressure from flooding water in beautiful Lake Clarke (Long Level), situated just above the dam. 

 photo dc9a4203-6c55-4b48-a0b4-2b2faece9632_zpsd54f727c.jpg

The rocks that are exposed on the left side of the above photo show how low this area was. You can see why the smallmouth and catfish like to hand in this "fishy" spot. There are a lot of hiding or "ambushing" areas just below the water surface when the water is holding about 168'+  (above sea level) on the Holtwood Lake readings.

We are facing south on Lake Aldred at the plateau that rises up just below the Safe Harbor Dam. Normally, there are water channels cutting through the rocks and boulders that allow us to maneuver the jet rig through using our trolling motor. But as you can see, it would be impossible to attempt that last week.

 photo 3a8a8b39-bcad-48c9-8eda-ab63db3101a4_zps8f0724b9.jpg

This was one of the last "hot" days in October. Zach was enjoying the time on the river...

 photo 742c256d-56cd-48af-bfa6-fa1c7c59566c_zps63871e4c.jpg

...and brought the first smallmouth to the boat using a 3/8th oz. double willow leaf War Eagle "Mouse" colored skirt.

 photo df3ea262-94db-4b9b-874c-ef65f8cf8b44_zpsb47d684a.jpg

This pic below shows the entire width of the Safe Harbor Dam. The RR bridge on the right side of the pic crosses the Conestoga River and was extremely low the day we took this photo. More and more kayak anglers have been launching just above the Conestoga/Susquehanna Rivers confluence to access the rock garden.

  photo eaa40a58-4a56-4320-83eb-cb751c1c65cf_zpsaea6d925.jpg

We had tried several different areas that I know hold fish during the fall months.  However, the warm weather and 66.1- 69.0 degreeis a bit warmer than we normally have during this time of the year. Many of our fall areas are not producing just yet because the fish have not started their Octoberfest activities.

Zach stuck with his spinnerbait throughout the day and finally nailed this beautiful 18" smallmouth... Good job, Zach!

  photo 8ab0f2ed-0b5a-4a01-97fe-ac46795d833c_zps5e4934a8.jpg

Since last Thursday, we've had a nice rainfall. The weatherman is calling for more showers starting tomorrow and going into the weekend. Hopefully, we'll see a nice Fall rise in our river level. I am eagerly awaiting the fall frenzy to feed before winter months arrive.

Take Care and Stay Safe!