Monday, September 30, 2013

Smallmouth Bass Black Markings Still Showing on the Susquehanna River (09/30/13)

Hello Folks,

It appears that the dark skin markings that neither the PFBC nor Pa. DEP seem to be able to tell us what the cause is are still showing on the smallmouth bass of the Lower Susquehanna River.

 photo 03dcba31-4c29-4696-bc48-50e09869b5e2_zps31f8542a.jpg

My good friends, Jeff (CHRGD) and Penny B., were out fishing over the weekend and came across this smallmouth bass on Sunday (09/29/13) in the Lower Susquehanna River.

This fish was caught just south of where Joe Raymond (Rooster)  last year caught several fish with severe lesions and posted their pics on several local fishing websites. The PFBC even used one of his pics as an example of the lesions that have plagued our smallmouth bass population.

We are not sure if the above dark skin markings are caused by the many pollution factors the Susquehanna River faces or other environmental issues. Some anglers feel that it is some sort of melanoma-type skin issue. While others feel that the dark skin is a response to environmental factors that will not harm the overall population of the river's smallmouth bass.

Such dark markings have shown in other areas of the country on other bodies of water.

Hopefully, we will soon learn the exact cause of these and their effect on our smallmouth population.

Take Care and Be Safe!