Friday, October 25, 2013

Potomac River Anglers Information (10/25/13)

Hello Folks,

The weather has been changing nearly everyday. We have had our first "Frost Warnings" and the past three mornings we've had ice on our car and truck windows. Not only has it been cold, but it also has been rather windy with the cold front moving down from Canada. 

The Susquehanna River has not risen much since our last rainfall. It has been holding around 3.7' at the Harrisburg, Pa. NOAA gauge. That makes it rather dicey for boaters who want to fish the Community Hole at Fort Hunter... Be careful!

The Susquehanna Fishing Tackle (SFT) are now closed at their location and are moving to the new shop located west of Lancaster just off off Columbia Avenue and Prospect Rd. Keep an eye open for the address on their website. I believe that you can still make mail orders, but the shop won't be open untl this coming Monday, October 28, 2013.

I "borrowed" the following statement off the SFT website. There are many of us who have fished the Potomac River for many years. I remember many a great day fishing out of the Mattawomen State Park and into the Potomac River or upriver into the Mattawomen Creek. Not only did we fish many club tournaments from that launch, but we also had quite a few Pa. State  tournaments and Pa. Mr. Bass Tournaments from the state park. I have a lot of fond memories of fishing at Junk Point and at the Naval Pier that sits at the mouth of the Mattawomen Creek and the Potomac River. Many hawgs have been pulled from these two popular locations.

But the headwaters of the Mattawomen Creek are now threatened (see below)... 

First and foremost we are urging all users of the Potomac River to attend the Charles County Comprehensive Plan Meeting on Tuesday, October 29, at 7:00 PM at the Government Building in La Plata.
Charles County is in favor of developing the headwaters of Mattawomen Creek, a certain "death blow" for the watershed.
As anglers who are passionate about the Potomac we cannot stand idly by and "hope" for the best. We must take action! Please join us in this fight.
Wear your colors and please bring a boat. Sign up for speaking is about 5:30. There will be parking reserved for boats.

I'm hoping the weather will cooperate soon so that I can get back out on the river for some fantastic Fall fishing!

Take Care and Be Safe!