Sunday, April 7, 2013

Some More Pictures From Last Weekend and This Weekend (04/07/13)

Hello Folks,

In my last blog entry, I was having difficulty calling up pictures from my Photobucket account. The Photobucket site was running very slow. So, I will try once again today to get a few more pictures up...

Last Weekend's Fishing Trips:
Another chunky Susquehanna River pre-spawn smallie...
 photo 4b51a76e-5db8-452a-b311-50285e258a44_zps30241313.jpg

 photo 4d53c8a7-89f8-4595-8c4b-3099dcbe4d90_zps708493bf.jpg

 photo 542b77b4-b74c-4856-b9b3-1b09a8411f5b_zpsa82d2ad7.jpg

 photo 487eb103-6560-45a9-8284-80a90fad3d99_zps902d0251.jpg

 photo d307439b-3b20-4f67-a4ad-90bf4a9f48e0_zpsb6cd517b.jpg

This Weekend (Friday 03/0/13 and Saturday 03/06/13) Fishing Trips:

 photo 292b16b3-128b-40b3-80ae-27809dedd2f1_zpsa1f37db5.jpg

 photo 9a06668a-53b3-40c1-a8df-2718e3cd6f63_zps9e5860cc.jpg

 photo d9bcc877-b6f6-4a47-b6fc-e9306e34dc2b_zpsf4e9e3ac.jpg

As you can see, the big fish are still actively feeding during the pre-spawn. Jeff said that he was still getting water temperature readings in and around 45 degrees. There are areas that are warm water influenced and in the lower 50s.

The air temperature will be rising into the 70s starting tomorrow (Monday 03/08/13) as a warm front pushes further north than is normal for this time of the year. This warm air will linger through most of the week until the cold from Canada push down from he Northwest... Possibly by next weekend.

The Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C. have finally started to bloom this weekend. They are about two weeks later than last year's bloom due to the cold weather we have been experiencing. My Facebook friend, Olivia, and her husband visited Washington  D.C. to see the blossoms and said that the crowds were tremendous!

Many anglers are tossing hard plastic jerkbaits and various tube sizes to catch the big mommas. Chris Gorsuch posted a nice 20.5" smallie that a client caught this past weekend. The smallie did not quite reach the five pound mark, but was a definite chunk.

With the beautiful weather we will be experiencing this week, I will rty to get out for my first fishing adventure since my February 11th left knee revision surgery. I've been in touch with Jeff (CHRGD) and Mike Burton and both have graciously offered me a ride... "Thanks, Guys!"

Look forward for some more pics and my first fishing report sometime soon...

Take Care and Be Safe!