Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Blizzard Of 2013 - A No Show (03/07/13)

Hello Folks,

It all started on Monday, March 4, 2013... Our local media began the intense warnings to all citizens of South Central Pennsylvania that we were in for the "biggest" snow event of the 2013 winter! On Tuesday evening, local school districts started to cancel their Wednesday classes. My wife even called Advantage PT and told them that due to the pending bad weather, I would not be coming in at 8:00 am on Wednesday morning for my scheduled PT session with Diane.

When I awoke on Wednesday morning at 5:00 a.m., I hobbled into our upstairs bathroom and looked out the bathroom window. What I saw was a slight snow dusting on the yard and pool cover. However, it was no longer snowing and there was a slight drizzle falling.

I told Julie that we probably could have made my PT appointment, but the weatherman was still threatening more snow for the morning.

As the morning progressed, the weather reports started to zone in on the counties west of the Susquehanna River. Lancaster County lies east of the river and the weather reports claimed that warm air had moved in off the coast and was bringing us rain... "What!? What happened to the hype of the biggest storm of the winter?" It seems that the Blizzard of 2013 fizzled out!

When I was a child and living in Lancaster City (1950s-60s), the need to rush out and buy food in case we were snowed in was a real threat. However, in today's world, even when we have several feet of snow, the roads are rarely closed for more than a day or so and most populated areas are open to traffic. The need to rush out for "bread and milk" has greatly diminished over the years. Yet, we still see those who seem to panic when the word "snow" is mentioned in any of our weather reports.

We are currently having quite a bit of wind and the air temperature is in the upper 30's to lower 40's. But by the end of the week, the air temperature will be pushing into the 50's. Spring is arriving soon.

"Daylight Savings Time" (DST) arrives early this Sunday morning. So, don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour when you retire for the evening... Remember this simple phrase, "Spring Forward, Fall Back".  This simple saying will keep you on track for setting your clocks correctly.

To all my angling buddies who may fish in local clubs, be advised, make sure you set your clocks correctly on Saturday evening or you may be an hour late for your club's tournaments!

Take Care and Be Safe!