Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dad's Knee Revision Recovery Is Moving Along (02/26/13)

Hello Folks,

As the days go by, my healing process moves forward. I can see and feel that this surgery is unlike the one I had back on July, 2011. Not only is the swelling not as pronounced, but the knee can actually bend and extend much better.

Frank, my visiting PT, was able to assist me yesterday in getting my left knee to bend to 85 degrees. After my replacement surgery in 2011, my knee progress halted at 78 degrees by the third day of recovery and that is where it stayed until my second manipulation in March, 2012.

Today was my first visit back to the surgeon's office. The Physician's Assistant (PA) removed all 27 metal staples that ran over the top of my left knee. I have more or less gotten used to this process despite how disturbing it may sound. There was only one metal staple that gave us a hard time and I believe that was due to the one end being against a nearby staple.

Once the staples were removed, the PA wiped a disinfectant across the incision and then placed a series of 14 Steri-Strips across the incision. These strips will remain over the next couple of weeks. I can start showering, but I can not soak the incision in a bathtub. The water from the shower will moisten the strips and over time, they will lose their adhesiveness.

 photo a473a023-0d1e-42dd-8ca5-ed6103e5ba0d_zps24de756e.jpg

Eventually, my left knee will begin to look like a real knee once more... LOL!

After our visit to the surgeon's office, Julie drove me to breakfast at a local restaurant for a relaxing meal.

We decided to make a visit to "Advantage Physical Therapy" which is a new physical therapy business that was opened recently by Bill Knapp, PT. Bill has also just opened a second site in the Columbia, Pa. area.

Directions and Phone Number To Advantage Physical Therapy

My visiting PT suggested I visit "Advantage Physical Therapy" and check out at the facilities. From what I could tell, the PT equipment was very much like that of the PT facility at LGH's PT at Willow Valley.

After meeting with the secretary, PT, and exercise therapist, I made appointments (3 per week) to carry me through until my next surgeon's visit.

Well, the other evening, while resting in bed and talking with Julie and Zach, we had two uninvited visitors enter our bedroom forcing us to take cover...

My son, Tom Jr, just picked up his new Iphone and created this video using a "Call To Duty" app. I thought it was pretty darn funny. There are other scenes that can play out with the push of a button.

JC Nuss (Lakeside Marine, Harrisburg, Pa.) gave me a call this morning to check up on my progress. I had heard this past weekend from Mike Burton and Tim Fehr, that JC and Barb had been able to get space at the Oaks, Pa. "The Greater Philadelphia Outdoor Sport Show" this past weekend (February 14 - 17, 2013) after the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show (ESOS) cancelled.

JC told me that the organizer had been in touch with Barb for the past several years encouraging them to participate. However, the ESOS always ran so close to the same dates, that Lakeside Marine chose to participate at the closer venue.

JC said that the show was good, but that they drove each and every day to the Philadelphia area and that in itself was very tiring. Not only did they drive each day, but prior to and after the show, they needed to make several trips hauling boats to and from the show back to Lakeside Marine (Harrisburg, Pa.).

On the last day, Mike Burton volunteered his service to haul one of the boats back to Harrisburg. That's what long-standing friends do for one another... They help. Good job, Mike. I know that JC really appreciated it!

Now, JC and Barb will have to "wait and see" whether the show generated any interest in purchasing their rigs. I know that Barb likes to promote her pontoon boats during the shows and always does and excellent job in sales afterwards.

Mike Burton attended the "Bass University" (Feb. 16 - 17, 2013) program that is run by Bass Fishing Pros Pete Gluzsek and Mike (Ike) Iaconelli. In past years, Mike and I attended quite a few of the old Bassmaster University and Fishing Techniques Seminars. I asked Mike if this new program compared to those of the past and he said they most definitely did... Cool!

Neither Mike "Ike" or Pete were at the Oaks' Bass University senminars. I know that they were very busy at other locations and in preparation for the Bassmasters Classic that was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma this past week. (Cliff Pace won with 54.12 lbs)

2013 Bassmaster Classic Results

This coming weekend (March 2 and 3) will be a busy one for both Julie and myself. On Saturday, we will be attending our second "Boyd Cousins" luncheon at the Olive Garden. It's hard to believe that I am actually the youngest cousin (58 yrs. old) among the Boyd side of the family from that generation of cousins.

And on Sunday, March 3, 2013, we will be attending the annual "Penn Manor Boys Basketball Banquet" sponsored by the Booster Club. Once again, Julie and I have made individual statistic sheets from the 14 game season. We have placed them in folders so that each player can keep them for years to come.

I will continue to keep all of my visitors updated on my post-surgery progress. I am looking forward to getting back on the Susquehanna River as soon as possible. I know that Jeff and Mike have already offered me rides when I am feeling healthy enough to adventure out for a day of fishing...  It's good to have great friends!

Take Care and Be Safe!