Monday, March 11, 2013

The Amazing Patrick Hughes (03/11/13)

Hello Folks,

Ever so often, I run across a YouTube video that catches me by surprise and touches my heart. As a person who began life in a very difficult manner, my compassion for children with disabilities drove me to becoming who I am and the career I chose in life... A School Counselor. My first career choice when I entered Millersville University was to become a pediatrician. I would first study Medical Technology and then move on to pre-med. But of course, like most young people in college, I ran into a few road blocks and eventually changed my career path. A path that would still allow me to work with all children.

Please take a moment to watch this inspirational video of Patrick Henry Hughes...

I am also touched by the love that a father has shown for his son. A father's love that helped promote his disable son's talents and helped move him forward in life.

Take Care and Be Safe,