Wednesday, January 30, 2013

PaDEP Says The Susquehanna River Is Not Impaired (01/30/13)

Hello Folks,

Despite the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission's (PFBC) attempt to convince the PaDEP to place the Susquehanna River on the "Impaired River" listing, DEP has chosen not to, according to them,  because of sound scientific research. To know that the PaDEP is actually doing research to determine if the river is impaired is definitely a step in the right direction. However, we all know how politically based the administration of the PaDEP is... I am sure that this topic will be in the headlines for years to come. Let's hope our smallmouth population can survive until the professionals figure out what they can do to help our river and it's inhabitants.

Below is a story written by our good friend and outdoor writer for the Lancaster Newspaper, Ad Crable.

Susquehanna River Not On Impaired List by Ad Crable

I would like to thank Ad and P.J. Riley for their continued efforts in keeping our local general public informed on the situation our beloved Susquehanna River has been facing over the past years.

Take Care and Be Safe!