Monday, February 4, 2013

Prepping Reels For My Upcoming Surgery (02/04/13)

Hello Folks,

I want to make a "shout out" to "Susquehanna Fishing Tackle (SFT) for having their "Warehouse Sale" this past Saturday (02/02/13), Groundhog Day. Mike and George Acord knew that the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show (ESOS) was abruptly cancelled which left a big hole in most local anglers' winter outdoor show schedules. So, they decided to set up a "show-like" display in their Lancaster shop's basement for displaying all the new product lines for 2013 and at show sale prices. Cool idea, guys!

I had a rough night sleeping on February 1st and had planned to hit the show bright and early (7:00 am), but my knee pain kept me awake until almost 3:00 am. I wasn't sure if we would even make it to the show or not. However, I did eventually get to sleep and it was a restful sleep. I arose around 9:00 am and made the decision to head over to the "Warehouse Sale" to spend some of the $$$ on two Christmas/Birthday SFT Gift Certificates I received.

Julie and I arrived at the SFT shop around 11:00 am and was very lucky to get a nearby parking spot. Lucky because it was quite crowded! A good sign for our friends at SFT.

We hit the basement "Warehouse Sale" first before entering the upstairs store and picked up a couple of discounted KVD crankbaits to replace a few I "lost" to the river gods last year. They had the Summer Sexy Shad color I like and a couple of other colors I'm going to give a try.

I also grabbed a few different size Picasso black/blue jigs all at discounted price.

  photo c9e4523f-c09e-4ce2-aa26-a6a551c79e45_zps40476d45.jpg

I had great luck with the KVD models over the past two seasons and have now added them along with my 3/8th oz. Firetiger Big Os, Rebel Crawdads, and the deeper diving Bomber Fat Free Shads in the Tennessee Shad color.

Knowing that I will be "out of commission" for a few weeks or months, I decided to prepare my spinning and baitcaster reels for a long rest during the Super Bowl pre-game activities. I usually do all my spinning reels and baitcaster reels in groups. I removed all my attached lures and placed them in a plastic bin to reattach in the early Spring and to keep them safely away from my two granddaughters when they come to visit us. They're very inquisitive and I could see one of them getting "hooked on" a crankbait or jerkbait while out of our sight. OUCH!

Once I removed the lures, I lined all my spinning reels/rods alongside one another and opened their bails. By hand, I started to pull line until each was empty. I individually loosened all the drags on the spinning reels and then placed them upright in my rod stand for storage.

I repeated the process with the baitcaster reels until the entire job was complete. Those rods and reels were also placed in my rod holder upright for storage until I am able to fish once again.

Rods and Reels Stored

 photo 3a3688ad-17b8-4c52-94a9-868660002cb3_zps8d8df4ac.jpg

I love how my female Yellow Lab, Sasha, is guarding my prized processions from her cage. :)

I would recommend to anyone who plans not to use their rods and reels for several weeks to do the same.

Before I reuse them after my surgery, I'll clean, grease, and oil all of my reels, I will also clean my rods and check the guides for any nicks.

I sent an email to my fishing buddy, John Williams, regarding his reel repair and cleaning business. I wanted to check to see if he was still doing this for the 2013 season, but I haven't heard back yet. If and when I do, I'll give you information on how to get a hold of John if you need service.

It is that time of year when the weather is very cold and ice forms along the banks, if not across the river. It is time to have your motor work done. For us four stroke owners, it's a good time to have the yearly oil changed and the water filter replaced. You should also protect your gasoline with an additive for long periods of storage. I took my Yamaha 115/80 HP  into Lakeside Marine several weeks ago to have this work done. I can feel secure in knowing that the motor is well protected until I can return from my surgery and get it back on the water.

I would also like to thank an old kayak fishing buddy of mine, Ray Benash, for donating two of his rigged fishing kayaks to the Lancaster County Junior Hawg Hunters. Ray knew that I had run this youth fishing club during my school counseling tenure at the Penn Manor School District. The club's current advisers are from The Lancaster County Hawg Hunters (Ray Caldwell and Mike Burton).

Sample of Kayak Ad:

These kayaks were donated to a youth club fundraiser project. ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT "THE LANCASTER COUNTY HAWG HUNTERS JR. BASS CLUB"! 

  1. 2004 Dagger Blackwater 10.5 SN WEMAZ921B404   
Accessories: 1-anchor trolley, 2-Scotty surface mounts, 2-Sea Dog vertical rod holders, 1 Custom work deck, 2-scotty rod holders, 1- Wildwasser deck bag and custom mounts, 1-Harmony kayak skirt, 1-Harmony Paddle holder, 1- Harmony transport cover

Bottom is almost perfect, it was used very often.

  1. 2004 Dagger Blackwater 11.5  SN WEMAY97B404   
Accessories:  1- anchor trolley system, 1- Scotty anchor lock and mount, 4- Scotty flush mounts, 1 Harmony paddle holder, 1- Custom work deck, 2- Scotty rod holders,  1- Wildwasser deck bag and custom mounts, 1- Harmony Kayak skirt, 1-Harmony transport cover, 1- Seals Bomber cold water neoprene skirt

Bottom has some scratches from normal use.
Both kayaks are fully rigged for fishing!

The youth club will be traveling to Lake Erie in 2013 to compete and any and all donations and fund raisers are extremely important this season.

I received an email from Mike Burton on Saturday (02/02/13) that the two fully rigged fishing kayaks were sold for $475 upon the buyer seeing them... Isn't that fantastic!!

Way to go Ray Benash!

It's men like Ray Benash, Ray Caldwell, and Mike Burton, who help keep our kids involved in the sport of bass fishing. Over the years, many of my fishing friends, including those here at "Fishing With Dad", have donated to "The Lancaster County Junior Hawg Hunters Bass Club". You are the greatest!

Take Care and Be Safe!