Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weather Change and Basketball Season (11/14/12)

Hello Folks,

I'm sort of beat today after running from 10:30 am until 5:30 pm. Julie had a couple of doctor appointments. The first appointment was to see her orthopedic surgeon and follow up on the plate he placed in her right arm to correct a problem from a work-related fall she took back in July, 2011. This was her second surgical procedure and required cutting of her ulna bone so that the bone would not slip forward and keep re-injuring her repaired wrist from the first surgery.

Julie has been in PT for over a year and she still is having major problems with pain and motion. Now her surgeon is talking "bone graft" to help heal the area that he cut and placed the plate. She must return in another 6 to 8 weeks to see the surgeon and see if the bone graft will be needed.

I have also been busy preparing for the start of basketball tryouts at the junior high level for Penn Manor School District. I have kept attendance for our "Open Gyms" and have used that listing to prepare the Tryout Lists for 7th, 8th, and 9th Grade coaches.

"Open Gyms" are now completed and our first tryout date is this coming Friday, November, 16, 2012. We will have five tryout nights. That will take us through to Wednesday, November 21, 2012. We will know which players will be on the teams before the students head to Grandma's for their Thanksgiving Day feast!

The weather over the past week has been unusual. We had some very warm fall days starting last Friday and running through the weekend. Air temperatures soared into the mid-60s after being in the low to mid-40s for a couple of weeks. The water temperature is hovering around 45 degrees and has fluctuated from 42 degrees to 47 degrees due to the warm southern breezes that came through last weekend.

We are now getting daytime temperatures in the mid to upper 40s with nighttime temps dipping into the 30s. This morning, we had hail fall in West Willow Street, Pa.


Jeff and Penny have been out fishing during Penny's vacation days. They have fished from the Lower Susquehanna River to above Harrisburg, Pa

You can tell when the smallmouth are making thir winter moves by the number of trailers in the parking lot and boats on the water along Rt. 22/322. There are also a ton of reports on local fishing websites indicating the fishing conditions with pictures included.

Penny has been on vacation which has allowed them to get on the water several times since we were out in the fog a couple of weeks ago.

Here are some pics that Jeff and Penny sent me.

What a beautiful view... 


But look a bit closer and see what you may have missed!





Nice Jerkbait Bite!










Thanks a million to Jeff and Penny for sharing several days of fishing with us.

Basketball Tryouts begin tomorrow and my fishing will be limited until mid-January. My strength has been slowly returning and I've been able to put a few pounds back on after losing 41 pounds (213 lbs down to 172 lbs) after I had my knee replaced last year. Losing so much weight really weakens your body... and your soul.

I am back to 192 lbs. That twenty pound gain has made me feel much better.

One more story before I go.  My good friend Chris Gorsuch was fishing near Fort Hunter this past weekend with Michael Johnson and Nathan Hartsock when they saw a young man flip his kayak. Without hesitation, Chris fired up his River Pro jet rig and ran to assist. Together, they were able to pull this young man in need safely into the boat and ran him back to shore.

Way to go guys and thank you for possibly saving this young man's life. Your quick and decisive action along with teamwork in the boat is a prime example of how boaters and anglers help one another when the need arises!

Take Care and Be Safe!