Thursday, November 8, 2012

River's Dropping and Nor'easter Skirts By Us (11/08/12)

Hello Folks,

The Susquehanna River gauge at Harrisburg, Pa. is reading 4.6' today. It has been steadily dropping since Hurricane Sandy dumped rain on us for two days.

This past weekend, Penny and Jeff hit the river. Penny had several carp chase her plastic back to the boat. Jeff mentioned that it's the first time that they have seen that type of behavior from carp...

They picked up two really ice fish on Sunday, November 4, 2012. The first bass is an 18' beauty and the second is a 17.5 inch hawg...



Last evening, a wicked Nor'easter hit the east coast and dumped 6.5' of snow on Long Island, NY. My cousin, Adrianna, is a school administrator on Long Island and her school district didn't have school today because of the snowfall. But Connecticut took the brunt of the storm with over 10" of early fall snow!

The air temperature is suppose to rise up and out of the 40s as the weekend approaches. The winds should also settle and make for a nice weekend here in South Central Pennsylvania.

It is currently 48 degrees outside with 15 mph winds which would make it hellacious on the Susquehanna River today!

Take Care and Be Safe!