Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What A Week! ... No Fishing For Me, But A Lot Of Excitement!

Hello Folks,

This has been one busy week for Dad and Julie. About two weeks ago, my wife, Julie, and I went in to the cardiologist for echocardiograms. We met this past Wednesday with our PCP for the results. Well, Julie had been feeling ill starting this past Tuesday and, although our heart tests came out just fine, the doctor gave her a Z-Pack (antibiotics) to start taking on Friday. (She was only suppose to take the antibiotics if she was not feeling better)

By Thursday, she was vomiting and unable to hold any food dwn. Although she was feeling sick to her stomach, she had no fever... At least not yet! By Friday, she was still ill and began taking the antibiotics.

In the two days that she actually took the antibiotics, the medication made absolutely no difference in her illness. And on Sunday, I "forced" her to call the doctor's hotline and fill them in on how she was feeling.

One thing to keep in mind is that Julie is a juvenile diabetic. So when she gets sick, it can get bad really fast.

The doctor returned Julie's Sunday call and told her to go directly to the emergency room at the local hospital.

We arrived at the hospital in about an hour and the staff took her to the examination room within fifteen minutes. Before the doctor even met with her, the nursing staff was drawing blood for testing and cultures.

She was also sent for chest x-rays because she had developed a wicked cough since arriving at the hospital.

Well, Julie was diagnosed with pneumonia! I believe that all the moving about from home to the hospital started to loosen up some of the fluid in her chest and she started to cough quite a bit... One of several symptom of pneumonia. She also had a low-grade fever.

Julie was admitted to the hospital on Sunday afternoon and she has been there ever since. In fact, they transferred her today to another room where she had more privacy.

Of course, I've been taking care of all the chores at the home since last Tuesday which has left me absolutely no time to go fishing with my good fishing buddy, Jeff. However, Jeff and Penny have been able to get some quality time on the water.

Below are a few pictures from Saturday's outing on Lake Aldred. The fishing was so-so, but there was plenty of excitement at the Safe Harbor Dam. Two men had taken "blow-up" water toys and floated down the Conestoga River. Sounds like a lot of fun until you get yourself stuck and can't get off the river!!

River Rescue was called to the scene at the mouth of the Conestoga River and just below the Safe Harbor Dam...



Jeff and Penny did offer their assistance, but the River Rescue personnel mumbled something at them and turned away... LOL! I guess he was thinking pretty much what we all were thinking, "How crazy is this !?"

After all the excitement at the dam, Jeff and Penny took a boat ride into the lake. Here is a beautiful site of the rock formation in lower Lake Aldred near the Pinnacle Overlook.


The hillsides along the Susquehanna River are extremely scenic. I would highly recommend that you catch sight of them during the Fall season. They are certainly a sight to behold.

Jeff and Penny took a nice river run on Sunday and video taped it for our enjoyment. I currently am living my "fishing life" through my friends. This has been a very disturbing Spring for me and my family with all the illnesses and threats of poor health.

Check out this fantastic river run and all the scenery... Just Beautiful!

Thank you, Jeff and Penny!

Take Care and Be Safe!