Friday, June 22, 2012

Ten Days Is Way Too Long!

Hello Folks,

I would like to thank all my friends and acquaintances for sending Julie well wishes as she was hospitalized and recovering. She spent ten days in the hospital due to pneumonia (dry) and the C-Diff infection... Terrible stuff. I do not want to experience that ever again with any family member or loved one.

Julie returned home this past Tuesday. She was picked up at the hospital by my son's fiancee because I was working at the Penn Manor Youth Basketball Camp. I was so happy when the word finally came that she could leave the hospital and come home to those who love her.

As you can see, there has not been a lot of fishing going on due to what has been happening here at home.

We had 30 boys in the lower camp and 34 boys in the upper camp. That is a really good showing despite the economy. There had been a time, years back, that we would get close to 100 boys total for the camp. But when the economy went south, so did our attendance.

We had a nice increase in attendance this year which may be a small indicator that folks are doing better overall. Of course this is complete speculation on my part... Wishful thinking, maybe!

As Wednesday rolled around, so did our first heat wave. We had a heat index (heat + humidity) of over 105 degrees! I certainly was melting at camp. By the time I got home (3:30 pm), I was toast. My lower back and left knee were just killing me. Hardwood floors and metal joints don't mix too well. By 3:00 am, I was waking up in agony... Last night, I was actually in tears. I'm not afraid to tell anyone that because it is important for us all to know what we go through as disabled people.

I have actually had close friends and relatives ask how I can go fishing if I am disabled... Really!? It's like we are suppose to sit in our homes and vegetate until we pass away. Not me! I will risk the aches and pains to continue living my life. And, please keep in mind, just because one chooses to "hurt", doesn't mean they are not disabled.

Off my soap box...
The river has been dropping and is currently below 3' on the Harrisburg, Pa. gauge. We may be having thunderstorms passing through tonight which may help lessen the humidity and add much needed water to the river basin.

Keep tuned for upcoming fishing reports as I get out with my buddies. I am looking forward to rebounding from my four days of basketball camp and getting back on the water soon.

Thank God, Julie is home!

Take Care and Be Safe!