Monday, January 2, 2012

Lake Aldred - 7' at Harrisburg, Pa. River Gauge (01/02/12)

Hello Folks,

Jeff and Penny were on the river a few days ago and recorded this video for us to view. It shows the Safe Harbor Dam generating electricity and passing water with the river reading 7' at the Harrisburg, Pa. river gauge.

What you are viewing are general areas that we often fish for smallmouth, walleye, largemouth, and catfish. But as you can see, there would be absolutely no way anyone could ever fish these areas safely with the water moving so swiftly.

As you can see, the current created by the damn is extremely dangerous.

Please, if you ever go fishing on Lake Aldred and you boat up to the Safe Harbor Dam, do not try to anchor down and fish in anything that looks even close to what you are witnessing in this video. It is extremely dangerous and there are loved ones who want to see you return home.

Take Care and Be Safe!