Friday, December 30, 2011

Slow Fishing On The Susqy (12/30/11)

Hello Folks,

Although I haven't been out on the water this past week, my good friend Jeff and his wife have been hitting the the local spots. The weather has been rather cold for them, but we are currently in a warming trend and they had a nice day today.

On the first reported trip of the week, Jeff and Penny only caught a couple of catfish with live minnows. Nothing was caught on any artificial lures that Jeff tossed.

Today, Jeff reported that they had a couple of fish including a walleye that hit a 3/8th oz. Cotton Cordell Big O in Firetiger color. Walleye really like that Firetiger color and I often will get walleye hits using this very productive lure.

I spoke with Josh earlier today and he wasn't sure if he had to work or not tomorrow. If he was going to be off, we would be heading out onto the river for a few hours of fishing to end the year catching a few smallies, if we were lucky. I haven't heard a word from him this evening so I assume he had to haul milk in the morning.

Oh well, I may not see another 2011 fishing trip, but I had a great 2011 despite my surgery. I am looking forward to moving on to 2012 and another successful year on the river... Now, I just need to purchase my 2012 fishing license before I do anything else! :)

Take Care and Be Safe!