Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fishing Out Of Columbia, Pa. (12/20/11)

Hello Folks,

Jeff and I put in at Columbia, Pa. around 8 am on Monday (12/19/11). The air temp was around 27 degrees when I left the house and it was suppose to rise into the 40's by mid-afternoon.

The sun was shining brightly and the wind was building throughout the morning. Accuweather reported a 10 mph wind around 11:00 am, but we had small whitecaps on Lake Clarke which usually indicates a stronger wind.

Jeff brought one fish to the side of the boat, a good 17" or greater, with a crankbait and lost it. Only the back treble was hooked in it's mouth. He had two more hits with the same crank and I had three "hits and misses" with a 2.5" tube with an 1/8th oz. jig head.

I thought that we might have something going early when Jeff got the strike on the crankbait, but nothing panned out for us.

After our last fishing outing this past Thursday, I decided it was time to locate my ski goggles for those upcoming cold runs. I found them yesterday in a bag full of cold weather gear out in the garage... Good place to be, I guess.  ;)

Here I am with the ski goggles snugly in place after we ran across the river... Brrrrrr!

We should have had six fish today and ended with none in the boat. A bit disappointing, but very possible on such a cold blue bird sky morning.

Before we started to fish today, we decided to see just how far out from the bank the warm water was influencing the river. We reached about 200 yds. or so off the bank before the water temp dipped into the 30s. I was surprised that the the warm water discharge from Brunners Island influenced so far out into the river under these conditions.

Jeff picked up one of those running face masks. For our next run on a cold brisk morning. Check this out!


The mask was purchased from Bass Pro Shop and the brand name is "Save Phace".  Jeff got a great deal on the "Full Monty" Series
Save Phace Website

Another buddy of mine, Mike Burton, has a "Save Phace" and likes it a lot.

Take Care and Be Safe!