Monday, December 26, 2011

Anglers Kibitzing After A Cold Run Across The River (12/26/11)

When early winter arrives, the air temp during our early morning river runs falls into the mid-20 degrees. Brisk is an understatement for the actual feeling I get when Jeff pushes that Tracker's throttle WOT and the 175 HP kicks in. We hit the mid-30 mph while running over 36 degree water and YOWSER...  :-o

Jeff hasn't been able to locate his ski goggles this year, but he recently purchased a gnarly  looking  "Save Phace" mask which will prevent the inevitable "brain freeze" he always gets from keeping his eyes peeled on the water with his head up. I, at least, can tuck down and keep my face protected from getting a direct blast of cold air. By the way, I certainly do appreciate Jeff taking that "brain freeze" to keep us both safe on our river jaunts. Thanks, Jeff! :)

So, what do two anglers talk about when they arrive at their first fishing hole? Well, Jeff brought his video camera along the other day and captured a few moments of our conversations.

And what do two anglers discuss when they finally arrive back at the ramp after a cold morning of fishing on the Susquehanna River? Jeff video taped a few moments of us at the Columbia (Pa) Ramp. With sore and arthritic bones working slowly to remove my cold gear, I didn't immediately realize that Jeff was video taping, but I soon caught on...

Take Care and Be Safe!