Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fat Boy's Outstanding Outing (10/20/11)

Hello Folks,

Over the past few years, I have met several fantastic blog people who have the same passion as we do for fishing. One of these anglers is Kevin G. Wilson who is known on our fishing web sites as "Fat Boy".

Kevin developed an active blog site that you can access from my "Blog List" under the title "Fat Boy's Outdoors" .

When I started following Kevin's blog a few months ago, I took close notice that he had dedicated the site to a deceased brother. I admire Kevin for continuing his brother's memory through his love for the outdoors.

I encourage you all to go visit Kevin's site and read his recent blog entry. Kevin and a buddy, Howard, visited Unicorn Lake, one of their favorite Eastern Shore ponds. Throughout the day, they were able to catch six different species of fish. Although he'll mention that they worked for these fish, I find it simply incredible that one can have the opportunity to switch gears and lures to seek out different species to bite throughout a day of fishing... Good job, guys!

I captured several scenery pics from his blog entry to share with you here on my blog "Fishing With Dad". I encourage you to click on his blog's web site and read the entire enjoyable write up.




I hope that all my blog followers enjoyed these beautiful pictures.

Thank you, Kevin, for contributing your pics to my site today. You and Howard did an outstanding job catching such a large variety of fish during a single outing.

Take Care and Be Safe,

p.s. A few days ago, a man had jumped off a pleasure boat near the Long Level Marina to take a swim (60 degree water) and was immediately swept away by a strong and cold current never. His friends claimed that none of them had seen him slip into the water and only took noticed once he was dire straits.

His body was only recovered this past Tuesday. Our hearts go out to his family and friends during this difficult time in their lives.