Friday, September 23, 2011

Lake Aldred LAUnches Still Closed To Public Use (09/23/11)

Hello Folks,

My wife is slowly working at cleaning the mud from our in ground pool. If you recall, the mud entered out pool from the run off waste water from the construction site from behind our home. Julie has been vacuuming the mud from the pool through our "Waste" cycle. It by-passes the filtration system but requires a large amount of water. My wife works on a small section of the pool at a time and then waits until the pool can fill up again with our own well water. Today's rain will help tremendously.

Our next step will be to shock the pool and restore the filtration system for use. We will then have to "backwash" the filter several times until the pool water returns to it's normal clarity.

Julie made a new date for closing the pool with Anthony & Sylvan... October 14, 2011.

I was in touch today with Jeff (CHRGD) regarding the launches for Lake Aldred, Susquehanna River. Both launches are controlled by PPL (Holtwood Dam). The launches have been closed due to the large amount of debris and mud that filled the ramps during the flooding.

Jeff drove to the York Furnace (York County) launch today to see what damage had occurred. Check out the docks... A Twisted Mess!




As you can see, there has been a lot of mud left behind after the river receded. We need a good heavy rainstorm or the help of a fire company tanker to wash this mud down the ramp and back into the river.

After our last flooding event, I witnessed a PPL employee cleaning the PPL ramp at Pequea. He used a small front end loader to scrape the mud off the parking lot and to collect the large amount of wood left behind. The wood was stacked and the later hauled away.

New Knee Update: I have returned to PT once again at LGH Willow Lakes. Last evening, my PT was able to get my knee bent to a 70 degree angle. The night before, it was only bent to a 54 degree angle... I was pleased that we made such progress last evening. The success came with a lot of pain!

This damp and rainy weather really bothers me, but I will continue to push for complete recovery. It may be a slow and painful process, but I am willing to do whatever it takes so that I can get back to a more normal life-style... including smallmouth bass fishing! :)

Take Care and Be Safe!