Saturday, August 20, 2011

Healing Continues (8/20/11)

Hello Folks,

I hope you are all doing well. I am still on the mend and partially bedridden.I begin outside physial therapy on Monday. I'll be attending three sessions per week until I see my orthopedic surgeon again. I cannot drive until I am off the pain medication. Therefore, I am limited to my home unless my family takes me out.
I was only gettkng 55 degrees of flexion. But this past week, I advanced to 75 degrees. I need to be at 90 degrees in order to lift myself from a seated position, climb stairs, and sit in a car seat.
I keep myself busy by watching sports on television, doing daily newspaper puzzles, and reading Mike Iaconelli's book, "Fishing on the Edge". I'm enjoying Mike's approach in writing this biography. He doesn't hold back.
I met Mike years ago at the Bassmaster Fishing Techniques in Harrisburg, Pa. Mike was a young man with a driving force. He has accomplished much in professional angling career. Time will only enhance his innate abilities to locate fish and catch good weights.
I'm hoping to be back on my feet and on the water again by the Fall-fest. Remember all the big fish we caught last Fall? I fondly remember the day on Lake Aldred when I fished several hours without a bite. Once the dams started to drop the water level, the fish turnef on and I was able to nail two 20" plus. Thry came within minutes of obe another.
I love Fall fishing!

Take Care and Be Safe,