Friday, August 12, 2011

In Recovery (08/12/11)

Hello Folks,

I am slowly recovering at home. The knee replacement went well, but I had numerous problems in other areas. For example... Severe pain. My surgeon explained to me that younger replacement patients who have had previous knee injuries are prone to more pain than are older and less active patients.

I was also experiencing heart palpitations. I wad placed on a 24 hr. halter heart monitor. The good news was that my heart appeared in good shape. The arrhytmia may have been caused by pain and medications (?).

I also had a Renal Ultrasound done to rule out any problems with my kidneys This was spurred by my erratic and high blood pressure.

I would like to thank my family and friends for the pouring out of love and support they have shown me these past few weeks. I have absolutely no idea how I would have made it this far without their help and phone calls.

I am writing from my phone as I lay here in my own bed. Please excuse any grammatical and soelling you may find. My big fingers don't do well on these touch keypads.

Once I am mobile, I will be back on the rkver. I am still walking pretty stiff legbef and wjth a walker. Today in home PT, my therapisr, Dolly, had me walking with only a cane. I felt some accomplishment