Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Josh and Tyler, Steve and Kayla (07/13/11)

Hello Folks,

Word out there is that Tyler got to fish with Josh this morning and Kayla fished with her dad, Steve. I haven't heard a report from the S & K Boat, but I did have a J & T Boat report at 8:30 am.

I text Josh early this morning and he was on the way to the ramp to meet up with the  Steve (Ifishblades) Halbleib family. He was excited to finally get Tyler out in his boat and on the river fishing. I had the pleasure last year of taking Tyler out for  a few days. 

I checked in with the J & T Boat and found that they had four smallmouth in the first two hours of fishing. All their fish came on tubes. Knowing that they were fishing south of Harrisburg made it easier for me to believe that spinnerbaits weren't on. In fact, the one flat that I fished in this area a couple of weeks ago already had "snoot grass" in it. This usually doesn't arrive until late summer! Even if there were fish on that flat, it would have been difficult to find a lure that wouldn't be fouled up by that algae growth. 

Once I get a report from the S & K Boat, I'll return here and give an update.

News Flash... Report just in from Steve of the S & K Boat.

The J & T Boat ended up with 7 smallmouth. Tyler had two 17" smallies and two smaller ones on tubes. I bet he's a pretty happy teenager right about now. Josh had three and that's all I'm going to say about that.

"On The Board!"


Second 17"er For Tyler!


The S & K Boat had 3 on spinnerbaits with a couple of swings and misses. Their best was an 18" smallie!

"In You Face J & T Boat!" 


Sounds like we had one boat with the numbers (J & T) and the other had the "Big One" (S & K) of the day.

Miss Kayla struck out which is a rare occurrence for her. Last year, she put a hurting to Tyler in our first outing. What do you say, Tyler? "Paybacks are Sweet!"

I'll be trying to get out on Lake Aldred tomorrow morning. I was going to go today, but they dropped the bottom out once again at 163'... Top Level is 169'. That's a six foot drop... Simply amazing!

Take Care and Be Safe!