Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quick Update On Pool Progress (5/26/11)

Hello Folks,

This past Monday (5/23), I made a blog entry regarding the ugly green water in our swimming pool. Well, I'm glad to say that after four days of intensive care, the pool is starting to look more like a swimming pool and less like a swamp. Take a look...


You may wonder why I am so concern about the pool. We put the pool in six years ago so that I could exercise without harming myself after I had my hip replacements. I am generally in the pool everyday that it's nice outside throughout the swimming season.

I also use those foam "Noodles" to exercise with and have created numerous exercise routines that work different parts of my body by moving and using the foam noodles for resistance. The water environment allows me to free float and takes the pressure off my hips and joints. Most of the exercises are done in the deep (7 ft) end of the pool (pic: far end at the light) and require balance in order to float. These can also be done in the shallow area for those who struggle with strength and balance.

My wife has been encouraging me write a small book or brochure with all the exercise techniques I use in my workouts. I probably have well over twenty different exercise routines that incorporate the foam noodles. They range in levels of difficulty... from easy to hard (not so easy).

My wife already has come up with a catchy title... "Using Your Noodle" :) LOL!

Take Care and Be Safe!