Saturday, April 2, 2011

Making A Folding/Telescopic Net (04/02/11)

Hello Folks,

In today's blog, I want to show you a net that I made out of two products. It is actually a hybrid of the Cabela's Folding Telescopic Net

Cabela's Folding Telescopic Nets

and the Charkbait Promar rubber replacement net.

Charkbait Promar Rubber Molded Replacement Net

I really like the storage-ability of this net on my boat and in my kayaks. To create this "Franken-net", I removed the extremely annoying trout netting that my treble hooks seemed to always get caught up in and replaced it with a rather cool black Promar rubber molded replacement net.


This heavy duty telescopic net is plenty long enough to use on my boat and to reach down from the front deck to net fish solo. In fact, I have placed numerous C-class (20+ inch) smallmouth into this net without a problem. The net has held up quite well and is still functioning after five years.


It is important to lead fish into the net and not to "STAB" at a hooked fish. The rubber net has it's own quirks, including "bounce-ability". In fact, I remember fishing in a tournament with a friend who just hated all rubberized nets. I explained to him that there was a correct way to use the net and if he just let the bass lay in the net, it would act like a cradle and keep the fish safe and secure.

Well, wouldn't you know it. The first legal-size fish he catches in the tournament, I placed the net under the fish and started to lift it into the boat. But instead of letting the fish lie still in the comfort and security of the rubber net until I have it on board, he decides to "lifts" the fish ("I don't trust those things!"). That's right, he lifts the feisty smallie up in the air!! The fish flops (of course), comes unhooked (Duh!), falls into and bounces out of the net. You guessed it... Right back into the river. Dang!

Not only did he not listen to my instructions, but he created a situation just to prove that he was right. Don't you just hate it!? I have never, ever had anything like that happen to me or any partner since that one time... Imagine that!

This net definitely has depth to it and should cradle most size bass very comfortably.


So, if you're looking for a really cool fishing net that stows away easily and out of the way, give this hybrid a try and see just how much you like it.

Take Care and Be Safe,