Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thinking... About our environment.

Hello Folks,

I have had a lot of time to think about our environment while growing up. As a child, I had rheumatic fever and spent hours and days in bed resting. I was not allowed to walk for well over a year. Being outdoors was always a treat for me as the son of a ex-farmer. It took on a whole new meaning when I was denied playing outdoors as a child.

I always loved biology in school and studied it for two years as a Bio-Med Tech major in college before changing my major.

I love this life and the things that make Earth such a great and wonderful planet to live upon. I can remember the very first Earth Day on April 22, 1970. The Vietnam War was raging in the far east. Agent Orange was destroying acres and acres of foliage and years later, the lives of men. And to think I was only fifteen years old at the time! Despite my age, I was concerned about the destruction.

I was fortunate to attend Earth Day in our country's capital, Washington D.C. , a few years ago when my middle son, Tom Jr., was in the Boy Scouts. I enjoyed every moment.

We now face another environmental crisis right here in the Keystone State of Pennsylvania. We have elected a governor who seems to have absolutely no regard for the destruction of our state forest land and the removal of a natural resource, gas. He has refused to allow the common man to collectively benefit from the common wealth. The irony is that were are considered the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Each and every human who sides in favor of Governor Tom Corbett's decisions to extract our natural resource and destroy state forest lands should watch this outstanding video by Michael Jackson. I consider it one of the most powerful songs regarding man's destruction of our planet.

Please take a moment and view the video. I also have added a site that gives the Earth Song's lyrics...

Michael Jackson's Earth Song

Earth Song Lyrics

Remember, we are all in this together. We cannot allow men of greed to destroy what nature is desperately trying to restore due to man's mismanagement.

Take care and Stay Safe!