Friday, October 1, 2010

Let's Talk About... Winco's Custom Lures (Plastics) I

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I have a good friend, Al Winco, who ran his own landscaping business, retired, and is now producing custom lures. Al and I met over the internet and we were able to hook up and fish together last season as he was developing the short-armed spinnerbait, The Bronzeback Bushwhacker.

Al was also on the North Branch last November when Josh and I were there fishing. We shared information and color selections to improve our chances in catching bass.

Let's talk about Wacky Fishing!

Wacky Stick Worms:

Wacky Worms:

Al makes a great Wacky Worm! I used the Wacky Worm with a #4 Octopus Hook last week when I caught ten bass in less than an hour. This lure is "King" in low and clear water conditions.

Al definitely puts a lot of research and development into all his lures. He makes the necessary adjustments to get the lures exactly the way he wants them. For example, the Winco Wacky Worm has salt and sand impregnated into the plastic to give it the taste he desired and the fall rate he was looking for.

Al also makes a Wacky Worm version for lake anglers:

Lake Wacky Worms:

There are several ways to fish this fine bait. The typical way to hook the bait is just under the O-ring to allow the lure to drop and oscillate on the way to the bottom. A slight lift of the rod tip and the Wacky Worm will rise and fall with that same oscillating action.

I and some of my friends Texas Rig this style of bait and dead stick it on the bottom. I will do this style of rigging when tossing into and around grass beds and weeds. It is virtually weedless and comes through the grass rather easily.

My most recent recollection of catching a decent size bass was a 19'er" I caught off a grass bed during the Spring of 2010. We were fishing out of Canal Lock Access just south of Royalton, Pa. I was with Mike Burton and we were fishing mid-river grass beds and islands.

I had a muskie bite my Wacky Worms in half. Knowing that there were fish present, I re-rigged another one and thoroughly worked the grass. At the front tip of the grass bed, the 19" smallie took the bait and ran for deeper water. What a fantastic feeling you get when a nice 3 lber grabs and runs with your bait!

To be continued...