Friday, October 1, 2010

Let's Talk About... Winco's Custom Lures (Plastics) II

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Winco’s 2010 Invoice
4626 David Drive
Bristol, PA 19007

Home grown right here in the state of Pennsylvania.

River Darters:


Al Winco offers three different sizes of these plastic flukes. There is a 3.50" Creek Darter, a 3.75" River Darter Jr., and the original 4.75" River Darter.

I have used many different name brand flukes and I have found that the River Darter has the most weight which keeps the lure down in the water column... Excellent!

I carry both the Blue Glimmer Hologram and Blue Glimmer Hologram with the Chartreuse Tail. The colored tail comes in handy in more off colored waters. It's attractive quality helps fish to visually locate and keep track of the bait.

I either nose hook the Darters or Texas Rig... weightless and weighted. A weighted hook can keep the Darter down in swifter currents.

Cast and jerk, jerk, pause... Develop a cadence that the fish tell you they want. Sometimes even dead sticking the Darter is super effective. Always experiment and pay attention to all your strikes and catches. The fish will tell you what is and isn't working.

G & W Krinkle Worm:


This lure was co-developed by Chris Gorsuch and Al Winco for warm water finesse fishing. It's tantalizing tail action makes it hard for smallmouth to resist. The thicker head section allows for a hook to take hold and allows for the tail to do it's thing in the current... an effective combination.

Winco's Stone Catties:


As you can see, this is a hot springtime seller for Al. I have not tried this plastic lure, but I know anglers on the North Branch of the Susquehanna River that swear by them.

Al uses the weighted hook with the spring-style bait keeper to hold the cattie in a straight and natural position while bottom fishing.

I have seen this plastic lure and it has a very life-like appearance.


to be continued...