Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back-to-Back Days On The Water - 08/10/10

Hello Folks,

I actually got myself up two days in the row before sunrise. I must be sick or something! :)

I knew yesterday's fishing was a bit slow yet I still found it in me to get up for another morning of fishing.

The air temperature was 72 and sultry. The weatherman was calling for the temperature to rise to 94 degrees today with a 5-10 mph wind from the south. That wind would be bringing us another hot and hazy day.

The water temp rose a degree and was 78.4 degrees when I arrived at the ramp. There was a slight breeze, but nothing compared to what was predicted.

I tried my buzzbait once again this morning but had absolutely zero hits on it. I was expecting similar action as I had yesterday since there was a great cloud cover for about 2 hours after sunrise.

I did end up with six bass and on channel cattie with all but one coming on a spinnerbait. I had one lone smallie grab a lipless crankbait in the heavy current right below the dam.

I used a 1/2 oz. War Eagle spinnerbait to land the catfish. It was 22.5" long and weighed 4 pounds! She certainly was a porker and a treat to catch on the spinnerbait.

I had a slight mishap in the parking lot today with my F150. I scraped the side of my truck... stupid me. I've had this truck for over five years without a single issue until today. Oh well, that's why I have vehicle insurance.

I spoke to my wife, who was at break from work, and she said to hold off calling the insurance agent until she gets a good look at it. She wants to get an estimate before proceeding. I know that the side door and a little spot on the "suicide" door will be more than our deductible. Usually when they have to repair and repaint, they'll do the entire door so that it all blends in.

I'm just glad nothing else was damaged and that the doors are fixable.

I left the water at 9:30 a.m. and was home by 10:00 a.m.

The rest of the morning was spent mowing the grass, cutting with the lawn tractor, and weed whacking... UGH! I'm not sure who's going to pick up the ball here at home once Dad goes in for surgery in two weeks.

After the lawn was finished, the three dogs and I went for a refreshing swim in the pool for about two hours. It felt so good after working in the 90+ degree heat.

There is actually an air quality warning for our area until 11:45 p.m. tonight... Great for us asthma sufferers. Although, I didn't feel bad at all after doing the lawn work.

Update: I am looking into downloading a free editing program for my videos. The one I took yesterday on buzzbaiting is way too long (10+ min) for YouTube. So, I'll have to cut some of the beginning and end out and keep all the good stuff in the middle (Sounds like an Oreo Cookie!)... LOL!

Take Care,