Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Finally Got On The Water Today, 07/07/10

Hello Folks,

I prepared the G3 and tackle yesterday for a morning of fishing today. I got up around 5:30 a.m., ate breakfast, packed some snacks and cold drinks, and hooked up the boat. I try to time my departure at the same time my wife heads off to work at 6:00 a.m.

I needed to buy some gasoline for the boat at the corner gas station. Gas is priced at $2.63 here in Willow Street, Pa., but I've seen it as low as $2.59 in Lancaster, Pa.

It just amazes me how, by chance, our gasoline always rises around a holiday and the settles back afterward. Coincidence, we're all told... LOL!

I arrived at the ramp around 6:45 a.m. The water level between the dams was at recreational level, but that was going to change as the morning progressed.

I ran north to the Safe Harbor Dam and settled into a spot where I like to throw topwaters. We'll, although the fish were chasing minnows up to the surface, nothing was actually feeding on the surface and I failed to hook up on a buzzbait and a Heddon Tiny Torpedo.

I switched over to a Green Shad spinnerbait and a Winco Bronze Bushwhacker and still no takers. I was somewhat disappointed because I love a good spinnerbait bite.

Okay, I tried the top and the middle water columns. Now it's time to go to the bottom. So, I tied on a lipless crankbait, ran it off the bottom by ticking it over rock and boulders, and nailed my first bass. It wasn't a monster, but was a start. In a few minutes, I had another and my biggest of the trip... a 16.5" smallie. Once again, not a monster, but a legal bass, none the less.

The lipless was the only thing I could get them to take today. I even had a beautiful 18.5" walleye hammer the crank! In fact, I had two walleyes today on it.

I ended the morning fishing trip around 11:00 a.m. with ten bass and two walleye.

The surface temp below the dam was 84 degrees and the TM gauge read 78.6 degrees. I expected it to be a bit warmer since we're in the middle of this heat wave. However, we did have a lot of low temps last week prior to the return of this oppressive heat.

There was very little bird activity. Even the Turkey Vultures were settle down and not soaring early this morning. There were a few Great Blue heron stalking the banks which gave me some hope.

I failed to see the eagles today. I guess they were laid back and taking it easy in this heat. :)

Very few boats were out today. There was only one trailer in the parking lot when I arrived and another arrived while I was out fishing. Three boats on the lake from our launch is not a lot at all.

Take care and remain hydrated and healthy during this heat wave! I plan to be out once again in the morning with my good friend, Dell. Hopefully, we can put a few more fish in the boat. We will be leaving a bit earlier than I did today. We'll see if that helps.