Tuesday, July 6, 2010

3rd day of Heat Wave - July 6, 2010

Hello Folks,

July 6 is a very special date for my wife and me. On this date, 28 yrs. ago, our beautiful baby daughter, Amanda Marie, passed away in the Neo-Natal Unit at the Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, Pa.

I wrote about Amanda back in June, 2010, and explained her situation to you.

No matter how many years go pass, we will always remember Amanda and our short time with her.

Moving on...

We are now in the third day of our 90+ degree heat wave. I was driving in my truck around noon and I had a reading of 104 degrees on the thermometer at the Lancaster, Pa. airport (Rt. 501 N). WOW!!! The radio station I was listening to kept saying that the temp was 98 degrees, but it certainly wasn't 98 degrees where I was. That's for sure!

As I traveled home, the temp dropped in some locations to 98 degrees and rose back above 102 degrees at others. We also have a tremendous amount of humidity out there along with this heat! It sure is a prime example of the 3H's - Hazy, Hot, and Humid.

I was thinking of fishing early this morning, but gave up the idea when I heard that today's temp was suppose to be the hottest of all the days. We should be seeing some relief by Sunday when the temps will fall back into the 80's.

For those who live here in the mid-Atlantic region, stay safe and cool. Always remember to drink plenty of fluids and remain hydrated.

I found that my prescription fishing sunglasses were cracked on both side lenses!! I just cleaned them on Saturday and they were perfectly fine. I wore them outside and at the pool on Sunday. On Monday, I saw that the two side protector lenses (prevents light from coming in the sides) were cracked... Not one, but both!

I am thinking that the heat got to them and caused the damage. I'm not happy about it one bit since the glasses cost well over $300! We will be making a visit to the optometrist this week to voice our dissatisfaction with the product.

Hang tough and go swimming! I plan on heading outside later to hit the pool and cool down a bit. Maybe mom will join me(?)