Monday, May 10, 2010

Young of Year Reports and Lake Aldred (Lower Susquehanna River)

Hello Folks...

Before you read my post for today, take a moment to look over the biologists' reports from 2009 on the Susquehanna River:

Please note the "Historic Average Catch Rate" for the Lower Susquehanna River.

Now, I'm going to throw something out there that has always concerned me and that is the drastic level changes the Federal Government has given the Safe Harbor and Holtwood Dams the power to do during times other than days from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It is during those times that the Federal Government requires that Lake Aldred be held at "Recreational Level".

When the water levels are raised and lowered as drastically as they have done in the past, I suggest that it has a detrimental effect on all spawning fish. These fish find shallow water to exposed their eggs to sunlight. If the water is raised, the eggs are now too far from the surface to feel the warming effect of sunlight. If the river level is lowered, these eggs are now exposed and will die out of water.

Thus, historically, we have the worst Young of Year (YoY) average catch rates.

Our PFBC regulates the spawn season. Currently, it is a "catch and immediate release" season. This applies to all who fish the Susquehanna River... No exceptions.

I understand completely that the dams earn a permit to operate through the Federally Government. A Federal Government that seems to have no regard for the survival of the smallmouth population or any other species in the Susquehanna Basin by evidence of lack of financial support to EPA's and DEP's to test water quality and prosecute offenders who pollute our beloved river.