Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Day On Lake Aldred, Susquehanna River

The Holtwood and Safe Harbor Dams had dropped the water a good 4-5' overnight!! The ramp that was completely underwater yesterday was now almost completely out of the water... Unbelievable!

Comment: If the PFBC want a good reason why we have the worst YoY Reports, check out the damage the power companies do to the spawn by drastically raising a lowering the water during the spawning season.

Personally, I am surprised that the Government allows such actions.

Okay, enough venting.

I saw one of two gooslings that came to my boat yesterday while I was preparing to launch. There was a duck hunter at the ramp and we talked about this lone goosling that had approached us. He mentioned that the bird will die if it doesn't get reconnected with a family... Bing!

I knew the perfect family for this goosling. There were two geese and three goosling in an area I was fishing yesterday. So, I picked "Li'l Sweetie" up in my cupped hands and placed her into my jet rig for a ride to a new family.


She just wandered around the boat and then laid down while I was moving. Once I got to a point where I placed my trolling motor in the water, Li'l Sweetie jumped up onto the front deck with me. At one point, she almost went overboard and I grabbed her and held her until we reached our destination.

Once we arrived in the cove, I found the Goose family and released her into her new surroundings...

Cell Phone Camera:

What a way to start the day off! :)

I capped it off by catching two walleye and several bass under very difficult river conditions. I saw a few other anglers catching a couple of smallies, too. Good for them!

The water temp was 65.3 degrees and the water was stirred up quite a bit and somewhat dirty. I guess when they raise and lower the water so quickly it happens that way.

I caught fish on a Husky Jerk jerkbait and a Super Spot with Chrome/Blk Back.