Thursday, May 20, 2010

Solo Trip to Lake Aldred 05/20/10

It had been almost two weeks since I visited my home waters. I had a doctor's appointment today and didn't get on the water until 11:00 a.m. It was a late start on a gorgeous "Blue Bird Sky" day!

Not the best of conditions to be fishing under, but I was going to give it my best shot.

I got on the board with a beautiful 12" smallie on a jerkbait. One may say, that's no big deal, but after the fish kills we had over the past five years, I just love seeing these smaller fish making a come back on my home water.

Al Winco had sent me a couple of samples of several styles of "new creations". One that I have been waiting to try was his Tastee Tube. Al sent me one with a sickle hook and double flexible weed guard. There was one color that caught my eye and I'm not quite sure what the name of it is. It was a laminated two colored tube in a green pumpkin/purple flake with a mustard color bottom. Good enough to eat! On my second cast with this tube I found one bass that found the tube irresistible. Check this one out...


Sorry for the quality of the pic... I'm still learning the little nuisances of my new camera... sensitive little bugger.

Here's a video of that new color tube:

The water temp was 58 degrees at 11:00 a.m. and rose to 60.1 degrees by 2:30 p.m. AS I mentioned earlier, we had a Blue Bird Sky. There was a wind coming from the northwest at about 7-10 mph. The water level on the lake was on the higher end of top level making it easy to negotiate into some normally tight spots.

Here's a crankbait video I took back in a favorite cove. I have caught several fish in this cove during the 2010 Spring. It has been a good producer.

I met up with Jeff (Tracker_120) around 1:00 p.m. Jeff was fishing the York County side of the river. We talked for a few moments and the started to fish. We kept far enough apart that we both could hear one another and cover a greater area with our cast. He was tossing a War Eagle spinnerbait and I had on my favorite "Ugly Lure", the 3/8th oz. Big O in FireTiger. Together we were able to catch three bass and a cattie. After doing this for about 20 minutes or so, we parted ways and I headed back towards the Lancaster County side of the river.

Once in a clear lane to run my engine, I was up on plane and heading back to the ramp.

It was a great day and the temperature rose into the low 80's. I was able to catch 17 bass mostly in the 14" range. here is a beautiful 17.5" I caught. The second pic shows the type of area I pulled her from... Water was actually moving from east to west and sideways... Cool!



Take Care,