Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Day, Another Trip to Lake Aldred 05/21/10

What a beautiful spring day! The air temp was 60 degrees when I arrived this morning at the ramp and it rose to ~83 degrees by 1:45 p.m.

The water level was high once again. It was up on the macadam of the parking lot which is about a 2' rise since yesterday. When the dams do this, the water tends to be murky in those areas that have muddy banks on islands and shoreline.

I started the day out by catching a small, but healthy, 12" smallie on a Husky Jerk. I was switching back-and-forth between the hard plastic jerkbait and a soft one (Winco's Creek Darter with chartreuse tail). They only seemed to want the hard JB today.

I also caught fish off of large rock chunks and ledges in about 3.5' to 4' of water with a crankbait. The big number catcher was a 1/2 oz. War Eagle spinnerbait in Green Shad. This spinnerbait was also able to bring in two smallies in the 15" range.

My numbers were down a bit from yesterday and I'm not sure why. I was only able to bring in 13 smallies in a four hour period. There were periods of time when the flow slowed a bit. However, I heard the warning siren wail around 12:30 p.m and the flow picked up quite a bit afterward.

One highlight today for me was I got to see three eagles flying overhead - 2 mature and 1 immature. The two mature eagles were flying together... It's cool to see them returning to the Susquehanna River after the ban on DDT.

Take care,