Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh Well, What Won't Kill You Will Make You stronger... I Think!

This past Friday (03/19/10) I had yet another visit with my family physician (PCP). I was diagnosed as an onset diabetic a few years ago and have been taking Metformin twice a day ever since. Over the past two months, I began noticing my blood sugars gradually creeping towards the 200 mark every day. This rise was occurring even with the medication i was taking... Not a good sign.

I have been living with my wife for 32 years and she is a juvenile diabetic. So, the symptoms and care of diabetes is not new to me. I try to eat well each and every day, plus exercise three or more times a week.

Despite all this care, there is very little we can do to counteract the effects of genetics... Shucks!

The PCP has now but me on a daily injection of Lantus, a long lasting insulin. It begins acting in one to two hours and there is no peak time associated with it. The beneficial effects of Lantus last for 20-24 hours.

It's a new chapter on my life adventure to be insulin dependent. I do not want to end up like my two grandfathers... blind and missing a leg (poor circulation). I plan on doing the best I can with what I have to do it with so I can be around to watch my grandchildren grow into adulthood.

I must follow my regime of medication in order to remain active and on the water fishing for years to come.

My heart goes out to all my "blogger buddies" who struggle with this debilitating disease. Hang tough as scientists learn more and more each year about our disease. Maybe the cure is just around the corner(?).