Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Changing Winds 03/23/10

Hello Folks,

Finally got on the water after last weeks heavy rains and high waters. It was "Tuesdays With Josh" and we met at 7:00 a.m., headed out to breakfast, and onto the Susquehanna River below Harrisburg, Pa.

We were suppose to be fishing from Josh's rig, but he blew a bearing on his trailer this past weekend... Dang! This trailer is being replaced due to structure failure. However, in the past few weeks, the trailer has had a flat tire and now, a blown bearing! "Please, Dear God, bring Josh's trailer soon!"

We met up with Steve and Sean at the ramp and made a friendly wager on the day's take... Largest and Most Fish Categories.

Steve headed out first in his rig and I quickly followed in mine. We both headed north to find some decent size smallies. Steve was on the board rather quickly and took and early lead in the numbers bet.

Josh and I ran a bit further north and he hit three nice bass (14", 15", and 16.5") before I had my first (15") in the boat. Not real big fish, but it will do.

Steve was on a few larger fish that were in the 16"-17" range. Sean hit a nice 18.75" on a tube.

I finally nailed this nice 19" female from under a piece of wood. I was tossing a 3.5" Black Neon tube with a weedless 1/8th oz. Hanford jig. I cast a bit upriver from the wood and allowed it to drift free and under the board... Smack! I love pre-spawn fishing!


A little after 12:00 noon, Sean and Steve came north to eat lunch with us and talk smack about the morning fishing. Well, it seemed that they had the numbers on us and we had the size... Tie!

My wife bought a 6" sub at the local grocery store. She told me that the young man making the ham and cheese sub got a bit carried away while she was shopping. When she came back, the fellow had a HUGE sub waiting for her... Oh yea!

I shared half with Josh because this sucker was way too much for me.


This may have been the biggest bite we had all day! :)


After lunch, the wind really started to kick our butts! It had started in the morning from the South. By 11:00 a.m., it had shifted to the NE and was picking up velocity. After lunch, it was blowing over 25 mph from the NW with gusts of up to 40 mph!!

We attempted to run to a few more spots, but no matter where we went, the wind followed us and made it extremely hard for us to fish. Wind is not angler's friend... Nope!

We returned to our morning spot which was a bit more protected than most places we had ventured off to. We were both glad we did because we picked up quite a few bass, including this 18" Hawg...


Around 2:30 p.m., we were both finished. The wind had taken it's toll on us and we headed back to the ramp to meet up with Steve and Sean for a recap of their day.

The air temp at launch time was 50 degrees with a slight Southerly breeze. The sun was shining with some clouds drifting by. The water temp was at 50.3 degrees on the Lowrance.

The water was a dark green with a visibility of about two feet.

We tossed several different lures throughout the day... 2.5" and 3.5" tubes, LC Pointer 78 JB, hair jigs, spinnerbait, and the Predator Craw. Only the two sizes of tubes hit fish for us today.