Monday, February 8, 2010

What a Winter So Far!

We are just digging out from over 24 inches of snow here in SC Pa. and the weatherman is calling for a possible heavy snow event once again tomorrow evening and into Wednesday! This has been one heck of a start to 2010!

We have only three basketball games left for our junior high program. The ninth grade team is still undefeated. We play Warwick today and I'm hoping for a good game at the 9th grade level. We did quite well in our last meeting at their gym and won by 8 points. However, we only scored 4 points in the first qaurter of the game. I do not expect that to happen again!

I will be at the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show tomorrow. I will be staying from the opening until the snow starts to fall later in the day. I'll then head on back to Bass Pro Shop and jump into my 4X4 truck for the 25 mile trek home to Willow Street, Pa.

If you get the snow that's predicted for tomorrow, make sure that you are safe and careful as you remove it from the walks and driveway.

Drive carefully and come back to visit soon.